NA committee to formulate strategy to highlight Kashmir issue


ISLAMABAD, Feb 1 (APP): Chairman of National Assembly’s
Committee on Kashmir Affairs Maulana Fazlur Rahman on Wednesday said the committee in coordination with ministries of Kashmir and foreign affairs would formulate a strategy to highlight the Kashmir issue.
There was consensus in committee that with the collaboration
of both ministries, the committee would evolve a system for
highlighting the Kashmir issue at international forums, said Maulana
Fazlur Rahman in a media briefing at Parliament House.
In the committee, it was decided that on Kashmir Day on
February 5, committee members would present a memorandum at United Nations office in Islamabad stressing on implementation of UN resolutions.
He added that senior politicians and members of the committee
Muhammad Ejaz ul Haq, Shakeela Khalid Luqman and Malik Shakir Awan would present memorandum in UN office.
Maulana Fazlur Rahman said that on February 5, two members
from Kashmir Committee Azhar Qayum Nahra and Muhammad Tufail would
participate in an event where people would form a human chain across
Kohala bridge to express solidarity with Kashmiris
He was of the view that people have high expectations from
Kashmir Committee but “we have limited authority to work and meet the wishes and expectations of the people of Kashmir”.
The Chairman Kashmir Committee said that on February 6,
resolution for solidarity with Kashmir would be approved in the
National Assembly.
He said that Kashmir has a central position in country’s
foreign policy and the issue needed to be highlighted at
international forums so that it could be resolved.
He also recommended appointment of a permanent representative
for Kashmir in United Nations for supporting the Kashmir issue.
Maulana Fazlur Rehman appreciated the government policy to
send special envoys to different countries for highlighting Kashmir issue.
Relying to a question, he said that veteran Kashmir leader
Syed Ali Gilani has stated that he did not give any statement about
performance of Kashmir Committee.