NA approves 150 demands worth Rs 3.450 trillion


ISLAMABAD , JUNE 13 (APP): The National Assembly on Tuesday
approved 150 demands of grants worth over Rs 3450.935 billion to
various ministries and divisions for expenditures during year
starting from July 01, 2017 .
The House rejected over 1560 cut motions as none of the
opposition members was present in the House to move their motions.
Therefore, the cut motions were dropped since opposition
members had walked out of the House on the pretext of not
telecasting the live speech of the Opposition leader Syed Khursheed
Ahmed Shah.
Out of 150 Demands of Grants, there were no cut motions on 80
demands while the opposition members had filed over 1560 cut motions on remaining 70 Demands of Grants. But, none of these cut motions were moved to the House because of the absence of the members.
According to the details, the House approved Rs568,746,000
demands of grants for Climate Change Division, Rs4,912,353,000 for
Commerce Division, Rs5,449,506,000 for Communication Division,
Rs2,709,269,000 for other expenditure of Communications Division,
and Rs17,502,890,000 for Pakistan Post Office Department.
The house approved Rs1,565,129,000 for Defence Division,
Rs1,206,518,000 for Survey of Pakistan, Rs527,348,000 for Federal
Government Educational Institutions in Cantonments and Garrisons,
Rs9,200,000,000,000 for Defence Services, Rs651,437,000 for Defence
Production Division, Rs1,263,436,000 for Federal Education and
Professional Training Division, Rs147,686,000 for Housing and Works
Division, Rs3,549,384,000 for Civil Works, Rs143,355,000 for Estate
Offices, Rs92,019,000 for Federal Lodges, Rs320,095,000 for Human
Rights Division, Rs306,787,000 for Industries and Production
Division, Rs15,230,000 for Department of Investment Promotion and
Supplies, Rs810,126,000 for other expenditure of Industries and
Production Division, Rs640,860,000 for Information and Broadcasting
Division and Rs288,395,000 for Directorate of Publications Newsreels
and Documentaries.
Similarly, an amount of Rs619,343,000 has been approved for
Press Information Department, Rs806,631,000 for Information Services
Abroad, Rs5,649,741,000 for other expenditure of Information and
Broadcasting, Division, Rs100,8963,000 for National History and
Literary Heritage Division, Rs3,701,412,000 for Information
Technology and Telecommunication Division, Rs1,785,197,000 for Inter
Provincial Coordination Division, Rs346,282,000 for Kashmir Affairs
and Gilgit Baltistan Division, Rs28,872,000 for other expenditures
of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Division while an amount of
Rs238,871,000 has been approved for Gilgit Baltistan.
The house approved Rs513,794,000 for Law and Justice Division,
Rs3,509,950,000 for other expenditure of Law and Justice Division,
Rs103,567,000 for Council of Islamic Ideology, Rs357,851,000 for
District Judiciary Islamabad Capital Territory, Rs24,385,47,000 for
National Accountability Bureau, Rs2,183,597,000 and Rs1,085,380,000
for National Assembly and the Senate respectively, Rs3,865,830,000
for National Food Security and Research Division, Rs1,850,762,000
for National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Division,
Rs1,243,683,000 for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource
Development Division, Rs365,484,000 for Parliamentary Affairs
Division, Rs361,367,000 for Petroleum and Natural Resources
Division, Rs461,018,000 for Geological Survey, Rs90,716,000 for
other expenditure of Petroleum and Natural Resources Division,
Rs1,038,997,000 for Planning, Development and Reforms Division,
Rs724,617,000 for Ports and Shipping Division, Rs88,500,000,000 for
Pakistan Railways, Rs455,598,000 for Religious Affairs and
Interfaith Harmony Division, Rs581,342,000 for other expenditures of
Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Division, Rs468,408,000 for
Science and Technology Division and Rs5,925,741,000 for other
expenditures of Science and Technology Division, Rs110,877,000 for
States and Frontier Regions Division while it approved
Rs9,108,131,000 for Frontier Regions.
An amount of Rs21,859,284,444 has been approved for Federally
Administrated Tribal Areas, Rs2,651,000 for Maintenance Allowances
to Ex-Rulers, Rs507,546,000 for Afghan Refugees, Rs399,950,000 for
Textile Industry Division, Rs 815,000,000 for Development
Expenditure of Climate Change Division, Rs1,200,000,000 for
Development Expenditure of Commerce Division, Rs13,660,398,000 for
Development Expenditure of Communication Division, Rs500,000,000 for Development Expenditure of Defence Division, Rs35,000,000 for
Development Expenditure of Federal Government Educational
Institutions in Cantonments and Garrisons, Rs4,468,000,000 for
Development Expenditure of Defence Production Division,
Rs2,961,926,000 for Development Expenditure of Federal Education and Training Division, Rs306,000,000 for Development Expenditure of
Human Rights Division, Rs21,495,3000 for Development expenditure of
Information and Broadcasting Division, Rs272,703,000 for Development Expenditure of National History and Literary Heritage Division, Rs1,538,000,000 for Development Expenditure of Information
Technology and Telecommunication Division and Rs3,044,157,000 for
Development Expenditure of Inter Provincial coordination Division.
The house also approved Rs18,300,000,000 for Development Expenditure of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Division, Rs1,200,000,000 for Development Expenditure of Law and Justice Division, Rs54,401,460,000 for Development Expenditure of National Health Service, Regulations and Coordination Division, Rs86,798,541,000 for Development Expenditure of Planning, Development and Reform Division, Rs2,427,947,000 for Development Expenditure of Science and Technology Division, Rs26,900,000,000 for Development Expenditure of Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Rs217,500,000 for Development Expenditure of Textile Industry Division, Rs10,652,064,000 for Capital Outlay on Civil Works, Rs2,737,270,000 for Capital Outlay on Industrial Development, Rs554,291,000 for Capital Outlay on Petroleum and Natural Resources, Rs12,775,670,000 for Capital Outlay on Ports and Shipping Division and Rs 42,900,000,000 for Capital Outlay on Pakistan Railways.

During the course of adoption of demands of Grants, the House
rejected over 1560 cut motions on 70 Demands of Grants to give
effects to the budget proposals.
The demands of Grants on which the House rejected cut motions
included Rs 198,318,000 for Cabinet, Rs 5,924,727,000 for Cabinet
Division, Rs 257,812,000 for Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation, Rs
7,120,039,000 for other expenditure of Cabinet Division, Rs
89,673,000 for Aviation Division, Rs 5,984,061,000 for Airports
Security Force, Rs 1,079,287,000 for Metrology, Rs19,583,712,000 for
Capital Administration and Development Division, Rs2,277,985,000 for
Establishment Division and Rs575,024,000 for Federal Public Service
The House also approved Rs1,993,045,000 for other expenditure
of Establishment Division, Rs47,010,000 for National Security
Division, Rs916,722,000 for Prime Minister Office, Rs249,568,000 for
Board of Investment, Rs67,476,000 for Prime Minister’s Inspection
Commission, Rs8584,066,000 for Atomic Energy, Rs93,612,000 for
Stationery and Printing, Rs1,610,708,000 for Finance Division,
Rs5,442,111,000 for Controller General of Accounts, Rs557,861,000
for Pakistan Mint, Rs2,823,710,000 for National Savings and
Rs14,851,835,000 for other expenditure of Finance Division.
Similarly, the House also approved Rs244,102,020,000 for
superannuation allowance and pensions, Rs81,500,000,000 for grants
in aid and miscellaneous adjustments between the federal and
provincial governments, Rs457,240,000,000 for subsidized and
miscellaneous expenditure, Rs62,183,456,000 for Higher Education
Commission, Rs5,072,212,000 for Economic Affairs Division,
Rs153,819,000 for Privatization Division, Rs349,321,000 for Revenue
Division, Rs4,102,169,000 for Federal Board of Revenue,
Rs7,437,427,000 for Customs, Rs12,242,430,000 for Inland Revenue and Rs2,290,930,000 for Statistics Division. Besides, Rs1,404,956,000
for Foreign Affairs Division, Rs12,764,246,000 for Foreign Affairs,
Rs2,136,241,000 for other expenditure of Foreign Affairs Division,
Rs7,625,722,000 for Islamabad, Rs2,123,477,000 for Passport
organization, Rs44,980,478,000 for Civil Armed Forces,
Rs8,226,573,000 for Frontier Constabulary, Rs18,176,363,000 for
Pakistan Coast Guards, Rs19,701,599,000 for Pakistan Rangers,
Rs3,487,503,000 for other expenditure of Interior Division,
Rs2,476,456,000 for Narcotics Control Division, Rs3,865,830,000 for
National Food Security and Research Division, Rs444,348,000 for
Water and Power Division, Rs37,659,775,000 for Development
Expenditure of Cabinet Division, Rs4,348,768,000 for Development
Expenditure of Aviation Division, Rs5,188,442,000 for Development
Expenditure of Capital Administration and Development Division,
Rs49,354,000 Development Expenditure of Establishment Division,
Rs100,000,000 for Development Expenditure of National Security
Division and Rs3,500,000,000 were approved for Development
Expenditure of SUPARCO.
Around Rs444,348,000 were approved for Water and Power
Division, Rs4,348,768,000 for Development Expenditure of Aviation
Division, Rs5,188,442,000 for Development expenditure of Capital
Administration and Development Division, Rs49,354,000 for
development expenditure of Establishment Division,Rs171,875,259,000
for development Expenditure of Finance Division, Rs17,723,852,000
for other development expenditure, Rs152,200,000,000 for development expenditure outside public sector development programme, Rs51,060,000 for development expenditure of Economic Affairs Division, Rs790,100,000 for development expenditure of Revenue Division, Rs200,000,000 for development expenditure of Statistics Division, Rs15,621,938,000 for development expenditure of Interior Division, Rs220,000,000 for development expenditure of Narcotics
Control Division, Rs1,614,266,000 for development expenditure of
National Food Security and Research Division, Rs144,067,393,000 for
external development loans and advances by the federal government,
Rs200,000,000 for Capital Outlay on works of Foreign Affairs
Division, Rs10,652,064,000 for Capital Outlay on Civil Works.
Later, the House was adjourned to meet again on Wednesday at 11:00