Muzammil Qureshi elected new chairman NA panel on communications

ISLAMABAD, Dec 6 (APP): Members of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Communications Tuesday elected MQM MNA Muhammad Muzammil Qureshi as new chairman.

In its previous meeting held on November 29, the committee had passed a resolution to remove its previous chairman Sufyan Yusuf on the plea that he had not been able to perform his duties of the office.

In the meeting, the committee had a single-point agenda of electing new chairman. Since the previous chairman belonged to MQM, the new chairman – who was previously member of the committee – was also elected from the same party.

Talking to media after his election as the new chairman Muzammil Qureshi said chairmanship of the standing committee on communication has stayed with MQM.

Members of the committee had reservations that Sufyan Yusuf had not been attending office regularly, so he should be replaced.

The MNAs agreed that a member from the same party should head the committee and they elect him, he said.