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ISLAMABAD, Oct 17 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain Monday paid rich tribute to the founder of educational revolution of Muslim society, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who laid basis for the independence of Muslims and educational renaissance.

In his message to the nation on the bicentennial birthday of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan observed on Monday (October 17), the President said the nation could achieve progress by the pursuing the educational strategy proposed by the great leader.

Following the end of Mughal Empire in 19th century, he said the Muslims had become indifferent to education, besides having a stalemate in the fields of research and education.

Amid such a desperate environment, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan arose as a ray of hope and laid the foundation of an educational, intellectual and political revolution by making the Muslims cope with the changing trends of the time, he added.

President Mamnoon said though there was no dearth of educational institutions today and Muslims were also taking benefit from them. However, the educational facility should not be confined to the elite class rather it should be available to every citizen to equally provide opportunities of education and development.

He said Sir Syed Ahmad introduced the concept of working for national objectives and sectarian harmony by maintaining one’s identity.

He said even today, the way for progress could be paved by overcoming the religious and political differences while maintaining one’s identity as Muslim and Pakistani to create a soothing atmosphere for national harmony.

The President was pleased to note that extremism had already been overcome to a great extent thanks to the undeterred resolve and sacrifices rendered by the nation, government and armed forces. However, it was essential to promote education for benefit of every child in accordance with the ideology of the benefactor of the nation.

This could be the only befitting way to pay tribute to a great thinker and leader like Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, he added.