Murtaza Abbassi rejects rift among PML-N members

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ABBOTTABAD, Sep 23(APP): Deputy Speaker National Assembly and General
Secretary PML-N Khyber Phaktunkhawa Murtaza Javed Abbassi on Saturday said that
there is no rift among the PML-N members.
He said this while addressing a huge public gathering at Kari Raki Bagan
village of UC Nathia Gali.
Murtaza Javed Abbassi said that masses have rejected the conspiracies
against Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and PML-N, we would win forthcoming general
elections on the basis of performance and establish federal and provincial governments.
He said that PML-N government has spent its first four years for
establishing the economy, defense, foreign policy and fighting with the menace of
terrorism and now we have focused on the developmental projects and schemes in the
Deputy Speaker also announced various developmental schemes for
the Union Council Nathia Gali including the most demanded water supply for Harotta
Kasshia to Kassian with cost of Rs. 17 million rupees, Hilscot road with cost of Rs. 2
million, Pasal Maira Raiki road with Rs. 5 million, Malach Jhansa road with Rs. 5 million,
Ratta Bagla Passala road with cost of Rs. 7 million, Maira Kair Sarafali road with Rs. 3
million, Kalakot road Rs. 1 million, Danna Bagan road with cost of Rs. 2 million, eight
electric transformers and 155 electricity polls for UC Nathia Gali.