MPs for extesuve diplomacy to expose Indian atrocities


ISLAMABAD, Oct 7 (APP): Members of the Parliament on Friday underlined concerted efforts to launch extensive diplomacy for exposing Indian army’ brute force and atrocities against innocent Kashmiris before the world.

Talking part in discussion on Kashmir issue in the joint
sitting of the Parliament Senator Taj Haider a leader of Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) said there was unabated human rights abuses by Indian forces in the occupied Kashmir, adding the world power should take notice of the situation.

In this regard, he added emissaries should be deputed to
apprise the world about this inhuman and degrading treatment meted out to the Kashmiri people in the valley.
He also said his party had always promoted the Kashmir cause, adding that attending of joint sitting of the Parliament where the prime minister delivered speech by his peoples’ Bilawal Bhutto wasreflecting the party’s gave much importance to Kashmir cause.

He said such gesture also would give strong message of unity to the world besides showing solidarity with Kashmiri people.

Taj Haider was of the view that policy guidelines worked out
by Committee of the Whole holds should be included in the resolution on Kashmir issue in the joint session.

He also urged the UNO to implement its own resolutions on
Kashmir issue which had been lingering on for seven decades and people had been subjected to atrocities by the Indian forces.

Taj Haider said both the countries were unclear states, thus
war would bring destruction to the both.

He said there was a need to forge unity and impress upon the world to take notice of atrocities of the Indian forces against innocent Kashmiris.

The legislator said it was unfortunately that a dictator
presented alternative solutions but in fact, he added that Kashmir should be resolved as per wishes of the Kashmiri people in line with UNO resolutions.

He said US India had stroke a deal under which India had been permitted to produce 50 nuclear weapons nuclear weapons in a year, adding there was a need to take all these ground realities.

Taj Haider said reservations with regard to CPEC by the
provinces should be removed in order to make it a complete success.

Dr GG Jamal from FATA said the Indian forces were committing rights abuses under draconian laws and it was a time to show the World India as terrorist state. In this regard, he added media should be utilized to launch propaganda against it.

He said our forces were already engaged on the Western border fighting terrorists, but India had started deteriorating situation, which means it did not want terrorist eliminated.

Thus, he said world should know about such ulterior motives of the India to make isolated.

He also appreciated the government’s decision for increasing
scholarships for Afghan students.

Chaudhry Tanveer of PML N appreciated the opposition parties for participating the joint session adding it would help promote the Kashmir cause.

But, he added, certain elements preferred to stay away from
the session which showed their lack of political vision.

“We have to raise voice for oppressed Muslims wherever they live in the world,” he added.

He said unarmed Kashmiri people had been facing atrocities of Indian force for the last seven decades, adding the UN should implement its own resolution for resolving the Kashmir.

Chaudhry Tanveer said there was a need to make a collective response and expose Indian forces’ brute force before the world.

Senator Kamil Ali Agha of PML Q said extensive diplomacy
should be made to counter India’s propaganda against Pakistan.

He said issues and issues with regard to CPEC should be
removed, adding the government should listen to reservations by the smaller provinces and Gilgit Baltistan.

Kamil Ali said there was need to evolve unity to face
challenges, adding a robust and transparent accountability system be ensure to eradicate corruption.

Senator Usman Kakar said all parties should be taken on board for resolving the national issues like Kalabagh dam, adding criteria should be set for traitor and patriot.

He also underlined the need for making concerted efforts to
further empower the Parliament for resolving the issues including Kashmir issue.

Rehman Malik said delegation should be sent across the world to expose Indian hand in deteriorating situation in Balochistan and other terror activities in Pakistan.

Senator Sherry Rehman said the government should revisit its foreign policy and appoint a full time foreign minister as soon as possible to meet all the challenges.

She urged the government to invite other political parties who were staying away as unity was need of the hour in the current scenario.

Pakistan Peoples Party legislator Dr Fehmida Mirza paid rich
tributes to Kashmiris martyrs, widows and children and freedom movement.

She said that Parliament should play effective role to resolve
the Kashmir issue which was supreme forum of the country.