MPs condemn suicide attack; urge unity to thwart terrorism


ISLAMABAD May 12 (APP): Law makers in the Upper House of the Parliament on Friday urged national unity to thwart terrorism and award exemplary punishment to culprits for ensuring a safer future for coming generations.
Speaking in the House to condemn terrorist attack on Deputy Chairman Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri the members spoke with one voice to rise above party affiliations to counter this menace that had cost the nation thousands of innocent lives and billions of dollar loss in monetary terms.
The members also offered Fateha for eternal peace of departed souls and early recovery of Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri as the House had suspended other business to discuss this issue when Chairman Raza Rabbani informed the House about it.
Speaking on the incident, Senator Jehanzeb Jamaldini said, political parties are busy in power struggle while anti-state elements are targeting our important leaders.
“It is not the power struggle but terrorism is the real issue in our country”.
He said “our enemies sponsor such incident to create an impression amongst international community that Pakistan is not a safe destination”.
Senator Mir Kabir said, this area is frequently targeted by terrorists as he demanded security for the political leaders.
“Time has come that we take more strict action against terrorists to cleanse our society of this menace”, he remarked.
Senator Kulsoom Perveen said, around 20 people have expired so far including driver of Maulana Haideri as she demanded comprehensive strategy to root out this menace.
Balochistan is also a worst hit area of these attacks and it is responsibility of the government and security forces to ensure safety of our people.
Senator Sassi Paleejo also condemned the incident and mentioned to involvement of foreign spy agencies in such attacks with an aim to destabilize Pakistan. She demanded security for the Senators and demanded more vigorous operation against miscreants and anti-state elements.
Senator Usman Khan Kakar said such incidents are meant for challenging our security measures and the government should take strict measures against these elements.
He also demanded more effective implementation of National Action Plan and an indiscriminate action must be taken against all outfits involved in extremism.
Senator Saeed Mandokhel described the incident as an attack on the writ of the government and said, the government should also reply with same might to thwart their nefarious designs.
Senator Nihal Hashmi said it was not attack on Maulana Ghafoor Haideri but on Senate of Pakistan as he called upon the political forces to shun petty differences for a greater cause of cleansing society of terrorism.
He mentioned to the government measures to counter this menace and quoted the examples of operation Zarb-e-Azb as well as Karachi targeted operation wherein the terrorists had suffered massive losses.
“They are on the run and are poised to desparate attacks like the one on Maulana Haideri. But, we shall not let them go and succeed in their ulterior motive of destabilizing our motherland”.
He said the government is fully alive to this threat and is committed to fight terrorism till the last terrorists is brought to justice.
Senators Hafiz Hamadullah, Nighat Zehra, Javed Abbasi, Daud Khan Achakzai, Nisar Khan also condemned the incident and demanded of the government and political parties to stand united against this challenge.
The members also blamed the intelligence agencies of neighboring country of their involvement in this heinous crime as they mentioned to Indian experts who had stated that they will not indulge in regular war against Pakistan but target it from within its own ranks.