MoS to brief Senate in-camera on recent terrorist attacks

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ISLAMABAD Feb 16 (APP): Minister of State for Interior Baleeghur Rehman will brief the Senate in-camera on Friday about investigation made so far in recent terrorist attacks in Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar and Mohmand Agency.
Earlier, on Wednesday Chairman Raza Rabbani had sought a detailed briefing to the House by the minister for Thursday. But, after the statement of the Minister the Chairman observed that there was nothing new in the information as these facts had already been reported in the media.
“The House desires to know the facts and findings through investigations and if those are not revealed in public, an in-camera session can be held,” Raza Rabbani said.
Since, the minister had no objection on the proposal, the Chairman announced to declare that portion of the session as in-camera in which the minister will speak to the House.
During the session, the minister had stated that a visible decrease has been noted in terrorist attacks. However, the current wave is unfortunate and all state institutions are active to curb this menace. “With reference to these incidents also, the federal government had issued alerts.”
He said the about two incidents a proscribed organization, Jamat-ul-Ahrar has claimed responsibility and since operators of this organization are based in Afghanistan, the Pakistan government had lodged strong protest with Afghan authorities asking them for an action against this organization.
Baleeghur Rehman said although this organization is also proscribed in Afghanistan, but it is executing its activities from Nangarhar province in Afghanistan.
He expressed grief over sad demise of two police officials and other personnel in Lahore, Khassadars in Mohmand Agencies and others who had expired in these incidents.
“Such acts are in no way tolerable and the federal and provincial governments and other state institutions are in action to eliminate terrorists and their operators. Our agencies have clue about operators who will be dealt with accordingly,” he added.
He said the situation is far better than the past when attackers or operators could not be traced. Today the government and the agencies are on their toes to apprehend the culprits as he mentioned to Safoora Goth and number of other incidents wherein the law enforcing agencies had reached even facilitators and operators and apprehended them.