Mohenjoz to organize an exclusive jewelry, clutches exhibition

ISLAMABAD, Dec 29 (APP): Mohenjoz would organize an exclusive Jewelry and Clutches Exhibition in the Centaurus Mall Islamabad on December 31.

The exhibition will continue for 15 days. The word “Clutch” refers to a mechanical device that helps a car run smoothly by providing the transmission of power from one component to another. However, it is easy to likewise find the so-called “Clutch Phenomenon” in the art world.

From an intermediate perspective, it can be observed in the relationship between the artists and the gallery.

The power transmitted promotes the artists’ creations, while at the same time lifting the gallery to new heights.

Meanwhile, one can also find the phenomenon to be present in different periods of each of the artists’ works, as well as in the contrast or links between their old and new pieces.

Through each transmission of motion and power the connection forms a clear relationship between the various works.

Mohrnjoz is country’s marketplace for Arts and Crafts.