ISLAMABAD, Sep 19 (APP):Mobile phone imports in the country have cost US $ 136.917 million
to national exchequer in current fiscal year (July-August) 2018-19 as
compared to US $ 129.093 million during same period last year, registering
a 6.06 per cent growth.
Mobile phone imports in August 2018 which stood at US $ 67.67
million, registered a 11 per cent growth as compared to US $ 60.8257
million imports in August 2017.
Last month’s figure was lower by 2.27 per cent when compared
to US $ 69.24 million in July 2018. These figures were revealed
in the latest data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).
Overall telecom imports saw a decline of 6.49 per cent
during July-August 2018 when compared to same period of last year.
Total imports were recorded at US $ 215.73 million during this
period when compared to US $ 230.692 million in July-August 2017,
registering a 7.06 per cent growth in August 2018.
This figure stood at US $ 111.544 million in August as
compared to US $ 104.187 million during July 2018.
Other telecom apparatus imports witnessed a phenomenal
decline of over 22 per cent in July-August 2018 as it stood
at US $ 78.81 million against US $ 101.599 million during
same period of last year.
When compared to July 2018, other telecom apparatus
imports registered 25.56 per cent growth as it was US $ 34.94
million compared to US $ 43.87 million in August 2018.