Minorities enjoy equal rights in Pakistan: Siddique ul Farooq

ISLAMABAD, Jan 13 (APP): Evacuee Trust Board Chairman Siddique ul Farooq has said that minorities were enjoying equal rights and basic facilities in the country.
He said huge funds had been allocated for completing projects to facilitate the minorities.
The funds would be utilized for water treatment plants, temples’ renovation and other development projects.
Talking to a news channel, he said Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had given special directives for preservation and safeguarding old cultural heritage in the country.
Siddique ul Farooq said the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz government after coming into power had resolved many issues of the minorities.
He said the prime minister had attended the functions of the minorities as he considered all the minorities as equal citizens of the country.
He said the prime minister had announced Rs 200 million for building a temple of the Sikh community in Hyderabad.
He said the country was making progress following the vision of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.
He said that some political parties had feared about the progress, policies and popularity of the prime minister.