Ministers lambasted opposition leader for running away from Parliament


ISLAMABAD, June 7 (APP): The National Assembly on Wednesday
witnessed a heated debate by various federal ministers, criticizing
the opposition leader for running away from the parliament rather
than playing its due democratic role to address peoples’ problems.
Responding to fierce speech of leader of the opposition Syed
Khursheed Ahmad Shah, they said the government was still ready to
listen to the opposition leaders as PML-N believed in democracy.
However, they come hard on the opposition leader for hurling
baseless allegations against the PML-N leadership.
Speaking at the floor of the House, Minister for Kashmir Affairs
Barjees Tahir said like other parties, the PML-N also rendered
supreme services for the supremacy of the judiciary and constitution
in the country.
He said the opposition leader was still stick to its gun despite
delivering daily speeches in the House and then staging walk outs.
He said the opposition members should highlight the problems of
their constituencies in the House but they have failed to perform
their due role in the budget discussion.
He urged the opposition not to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere and
desist to destroy the national institutions.
The Prime Minister has repeatedly said that he (PM) would respect the
court decisions, he added.
Minister of State for Interior Balighur Rehman said it was most
unfortunate that the opposition leader was depriving other
opposition members of their rights to speak in the house.
He said the opposition leader was stressing for live telecast of his
speech although there was no such precedent. Even during the PPP
rule, they never gave any opportunity to the opposition leader to
telecast live speech, he added.
He said the credit also goes to PML-N government that an opportunity
was given to the opposition leader to telecast his live speech in
He said media was giving due coverage to the opposition and their
demand was out of context.
State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali criticized the
opposition leader for leveling baseless allegation against PML-N
He said PPP had failed to deliver in Sindh and it should focus on
the province rather than leveling baseless allegations against the
federal government.
He was of the view that the people who were hurling allegations against PML-N leadership were themselves plundered the national wealth and
purchased palaces in Dubai, USA and other countries.
He said PML-N did not sign National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO)
to hide their corruption rather PPP was the sole beneficiary.
He said Prme Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif fought for the supremacy of the judiciary instead for an individual person.
He challenged the opposition to prove a signal penny corruption in
all development projects including Sahiwal Coal, Bikki and Haveli
Bahadurshah Power Plants.
The minister said the government saved Rs80 billion in every power
He questioned how an ordinary DG FIA could become a billionaire and
purchased flats in United Kingdom.
He said those people were criticizing PML-N who was responsible for
economic disaster, promoting corruption and plunging the country
into terrorism.
He observed that in past PML-N lawmakers were attacked during PPP rule and never allowed the then opposition leader Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan speech to telecast live.