Minister for HR condemns deaths, massacre of Muslims in Myanmar

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ISLAMABAD, Sept 6 (APP): Federal Minister for Human Rights
Mumtaz Ahmad Tarar expressed deep concern over the
reports of growing number of deaths and massacre of Rohengya Muslims in Myanmar.
“There is a profound public anger over the treatment of
Rohengya Muslims and our heart break at the suffering of our Muslim brothers.
That is a gross violation of fundamental human rights and the charter of U.N. Humanity should not remain silent on this urgent humanitarian issue,” he said in a statement issued here.
The minister who took charge Tuesday stated that the Government of Myanmar should investigate the reports of massacre, held those involved accountable and take stern actions against them to prevent the atrocities being committed against Rohengya Muslims.
He urged that the victims and humanitarian crises must stop
immediately. International Community and Organization of Islamic Council must intervene without further delay and play their role in safety and rehabilitation of the persecuted community.
He asked the United Nations and United Nations Commission for Human Rights (UNHCR) authorities to stop international criminal genocide of a marginalized poor section of Muslim population living as minority.
He also sought to constitute a commission for investigating
these unprecedented barbarian acts of violations against humanity which can be seen on social media.
The Commission or UN may also suggest a permanent solution for these victims of landless human community, the minster stressed.