Media Cooperation Forum -2017 on Belt and Road commences


DUNHUANG (China), Sept 19 (APP): The countries and regions along
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the Belt and Road are well placed to harvest development momentum besides consolidating their achievements and progress under this vision, the representatives of international media organizations and institutions have expressed at the Media Cooperation Forum-2017 on Belt and Road held here on Tuesday.
The opening ceremony of this grand event attended by around 300
delegates including heads of media houses from 126 countries was held
at the foothold of Gobi Desert in Gansu province.
This is first ever biggest event held at an imposing conference hall at
Dunhuang, an emerging city of eco development under Media Cooperation Forum organized by People’s Daily.
President, People’s Daily Yang Zhenwu spoke at length about the
prospects of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which will render outstanding contributions to the prosperity and progress of all the stakeholder countries, regions and continents around the globe.
This vision of BRI will pave the course providing win-win opportunities
on the basis of cooperative partnership to all the stakeholders enabling them to reap dividends and benefits.
In his keynote address, Managing Director, Associated Press of Pakistan
(APP), Masood Malik said that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is face of the Belt and Road Initiative whose execution and implementation will make this initiative a success story.
The CPEC will play a key role in the economic development of Pakistan as
a number of energy and infrastructure development projects are being completed under this framework, he added.
He said that BRI – a giant leap taken by China will help transform this
region as well as other continents into an oasis of fast and sustainable economic and social development.
This initiative will not only help address the festering menace of
poverty, but would also provide a viable solution to the chronic problem of unemployment, facing the entire world, he added.
He said that the CPEC and Belt and Road Initiative will infuse vibrancy
and renewed momentum to world economy lifting it to new heights.
The solid and practical measures being taken will help propel
development process at swift pace, he added.
The Managing Director said that the Belt and Road Initiative has finally
infused a strong ray of hope particularly among the developing countries towards roping in their objective and benchmarks despite paucity of resources and sources.
With the execution and implementation of Belt and Road initiative, the
world will be moving towards new scenario of economic development and social emancipation, overcoming the contemporary problems of poverty, unemployment and inequalities in different fields, he added.
He opined that Belt and Road initiative will also pave the way for
sluggish economies to grow at swift pace by availing win-win opportunities and avenues, to be made available on diverse fronts.
Those countries, which are adjacent to the Belt and Road are now well
positioned to reap the dividends of their economic plans and programs without any hurdle.
He said that this initiative will lend immense support to the growing
economies in exploring their untapped potentials and resources to realize their unmet goals.
While commending China for embarking upon such a unique initiative, he
expressed the confidence that it is bound to script new success stories of economic development.
On the Belt and Road forum, held in May this year in Beijing, he said,
it has unfolded substantial vibes for regional and global peace and development on sound footing.
“This forum is expected to inject vibrancy and enthusiasm among the
stakeholders to embark upon the destinations, ultimately making this planet a place of peace and harmony,” he added.
Regarding transformation of media industry, he said, there is a sea
change with the emergence of social media and application and use of new technologies.
News collection and dissemination drill now goes on round the clock
following the developments in the field of electronic and social media. The world has been virtually shaped into a global village, making the distance between the continents and countries irrelevant, he added.
He said this Forum is no doubt playing a significant role towards
enhancing understanding and fostering cooperation in the comity of media organizations across the Globe.