APP70-14 ISLAMABAD: May 14 – Managing Director APP, Masood Malik addresses at the concluded session of the ‘Two-day International Conference of News Agencies’, organized by the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) under the theme, “Pakistan’s Media – Opportunities and Challenges” with special focus on ‘News Agencies – Emerging Professional Challenges, at a local hotel. APP Irshad Sheikh

ISLAMABAD, May 14 (APP):Managing Director, Associated Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) Monday urged the media professionals, particularly those working with news agencies, to cope with the fake news phenomena without compromising on the accuracy and authenticity of the news.
Speaking at the concluding session of the two-day International Conference of News Agencies (ICNA) here, he said it was the age where citizen journalism had emerged in a big way as people now were equipped with the tools where they could contribute to the contents in the social media.
“At times they can set the trend and force the main media to respond to it in their own way, hence the phenomena of fake news have put media professionals into altogether a new situation,” he remarked.
He said that the veteran journalists, experts in different fields of media and mass communication during conference agreed that it was getting tough to work in the news agencies and at the same time keep with the mind boggling speed of social media.
The situation is not all that bad as these media professionals were of the view that the role of the news agencies could not be underestimated as whether it was the social media or online newspapers, they would all be using news agencies as their primary source of news for quite some time to come.
Given the mad race of breaking the news through ticker journalism, the journalists working in the news wires need not lose their calm and compromise on the fundamental principles of journalism that is accuracy, speed and properly sourced news stories.
“Despite some problems, we hope our objective of meeting and discussing the issues pertaining to the news agencies in particular and the journalists in general have been deliberated upon,” he added.
He informed the delegates that the conference provided an opportunity to show that Pakistan was a peaceful, progressive and developing country and had its share of unfortunate events that might strike any country any time.
The briefing on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) showed the delegates how the country was being linked through its Gwadar Port at the Arabian Sea with western China and also the Central Asian Republics.
“We live in a growing connected world and the opportunity that we got from this conference for building our media contacts. I’m sure numerous new prospects will emerge,” he added.
He told the participants that their valuable suggestions and participation in the conference had turned it into a very meaningful moot and expressed the hope that the participants countries would continue to meet regularly and further enhance bilateral cooperation.
“I am sure the recommendations of the conference will also lay a solid foundation for our future cooperation in the news in all its formats,” he added.
He expressed the hope that it should not be the first and last conference as the success of the conference had encouraged us and given confidence that such meeting could become possible in future as well.
“Let us remain in touch and make every step for expanding our exchange of news, which can set the pace of our future cooperation,” he remarked.
Later, the APP Managing Director read out recommendations that were unanimously adopted during the conference.