Women Parliamentary Caucus playing important role in women's global empowerment: Maryam Nawaz

ISLAMABAD, Oct 31 (APP): Ms Maryam Nawaz Sharif Monday served  a Rs one billion a legal notice on Naeem ul Haq, PTI’s Information Secretary for defaming her through security leaks allegations.

The legal notice was served through Advocate Supreme Court
Sardar Kalim Ilyas on behalf of Maryam Nawaz. The legal notice asked
Naeem ul Haq to withdraw the allegations and apologize to Maryam
Nawaz within seven days. Otherwise the court of law could be moved
against him.

The notice stated that the allegations moved against Maryam Nawaz were defamatory, false, scandalous, mala fide, untrue, without any evidence and motivated with the intent to malign and harm her reputation.

The PTI information secretary had accused Maryam Nawaz by
challenging that the Prime Minister’s daughter is responsible for
the security leaks.

The accusation has been broadcast, telecast on October 31,
2016 on different channels including ARY news channel while tickers
were also run on the news channels.

The legal notice stated that Ms Maryam Nawaz neither a member of any Security Committee nor had any access to any information, discussion or decisions taken in any such meeting.

The notice stated that not only the reputation of their client had been injured, but the accusation also went against one organ of the State of Pakistan i.e. Executive of Pakistan.

The news channels are watched by millions of people in Pakistan and abroad and by spreading rumors their client’s and her family’s honour, goodwill and reputation had been jeopardized while as a result of the false accusation the client had suffered mental agony and toture, the notice added.