Maryam keeps nation abreast of PM’s cardiac surgery

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ISLAMABAD, May 31 (APP): While there was little access
to information pertaining to the cardiac surgery of Prime
Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in London, his daughter Maryam Nawaz filled in the void to keep the nation abreast of developments.

Maryam began her tweets early in the day with start of
the prime minister’s surgery at some undisclosed hospital at
8 in the morning UK time.

“Spoke to him earlier, he was in high spirits. I entrusted him to Allah. Allah-hu-Shaafi,” Maryam said.
Later she informed that “By the Grace Of The Almighty,
surgery progressing fine. Will take another couple of hours or
so. Prayers doing miracles.”

Not to be outdone with lack of information she informed
that “Grafting of vessels started an hour ago. Alhamdolillah
progressing well.”

She gave the news that “All arteries successfully
grafted Alhamdolillah. May take another 60 to 90 mins. Allah

“Alhamdolillahi Rab Al Aalameen ….. Surgery successful.”

Finally Maryam Nawaz broke the good news that the
surgery has been a success.

“Surgery successful by The Grace Of Almighty. The prime
minister is off the pump now. Will be shifted to ICU in the
next 60 mins or so.”
Maryam attributed the success of the surgery to the
blessings of the Almighty Allah and prayers of the nation.
The prime minister is expected to stay at the Intensive
Care Unit of the Hospital for a few days, before being shifted
to his room. The doctors will advise when he can leave the
hospital and travel, Maryam said in an earlier tweet.