ISLAMABAD, April 26 (APP): Minister of State for
Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb
here Wednesday rubbished the allegation by Imran Khan that he was
offered Rs 10 billion for keeping silent on the Panama issue.
“This allegation is the continuation of
his irresistible propensity to hurl unsubstantiated allegations
against his political opponents and state institutions which has
been the hallmark of his politics during the last four years. It is
nothing more than the convulsions of a lunatic suffering from the
syndrome of hallucination,” she said addressing a press conference.
She said that if Imran had even an iota of moral courage left
in him he should come forward with the details surrounding his
allegation like who, when and where made this offer to him.
The minister questioned as to why he did not make this revelation
when he was presenting the wrapping papers for pease-meal pastries
in the SC during the hearing of the case? Marriyum observed that the PML
(N) government did not need to keep him silent as he was himself
damaging his image through his loose-cannon like tongue-wagging.
The minister said that Imran had an unenviable record of
denigrating and pressurizing the state institutions to get the
verdicts in his favour and had invariably been hurling abuses at
those institutions when they did not deliver the verdict in his
favour. Similarly he has indulged in shameless character
assassination of his political opponents and whoever did not fall in
line with his world view of the prevailing situation, she added.
Marriyum said the victims of his virulent flak included former Chief
Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Wajihuddin and the
former Chief Election Commissioner Fakhruddin G Ibrahim among
She said that Imran was pursuing a well thought out
strategy to ridicule and malign the state institutions and to keep
them under pressure to achieve his political objectives but it was
regrettable that those institutions had never bothered to hold him
accountable for his culpable indiscretions.
Marriyum said that Imran had been very harsh on the ECP
accusing it of being in league with the government, challenging its
jurisdiction to ask him about the foreign funding and even
committing contempt by not responding to its repeated notices.
Similarly in the wake of the SC decision in the Panama case he is
openly defying the verdict by expressing doubts about the efficacy
of JIT and making hullaballoo about the dissenting notes, she
The minister said that even the CJ himself had to remind
him that dissenting notes were a normal phenomenon in the judicial
decision making and nowhere so much noise was raised as was being
done in Pakistan. She said that the ECP and SC must take notice of
Imran’s untrammeled tirade against the sanctimonious institutions of
the state and ask him to explain his conduct.
The minister answering a question said that the bench had
not granted the prayers of the petitioners seeking disqualification
of the Prime Minister because the petitioners including PTI had
failed to present any credible evidence in support of their prayers.
She said all the five judges who signed the verdict acknowledged the
fact that the Prime Minister could not be disqualified on the basis
of the available evidence. None of the questions that the JIT had
been assigned to probe pertained to the prayers of the petitioners
which established the fact that the evidence presented by them had
been rejected, she added.
The minister said that the Sharif family had answered
questions pertaining to three generations with available documentary
evidence and if there were any gaps in the relevant information,
every possible effort would be made to satisfy the JIT, though, she
observed, it was difficult to produce a complete record of the
business transactions that took place 40-50 years ago.
The minister said that the Prime Minister had
maintained a dignified silence against the provocative and filthy
politics of Imran Khan with a view to strengthen democracy and to
ensure stability and harmony in the country, while remaining focused
on tackling the inherited challenges like terrorism and revival of
the economy. He also directed the workers of the party not to fall
for the provocations. Marriyum referring to the allegations
frequently leveled by Imran said that he was carrying a bucket of
stinking mud which he was throwing around with relish.
She recalled that after the 2013 general election Imran
raised the bogey of systematic rigging and blamed almost all the
state institutions and PML (N) of having stolen the elections from
him and when the Judicial commission repudiated his claims he
despite his commitment to withdraw the rigging allegations, started
taking umbrage at the commission and during the sit-in kept waiting
for the umpire to raise his finger.
She said now he was acting in the same manner in regards to the verdict of SC in the Panama case.
The minister regretted the fact that the media never questioned him
about his indiscretions and rather has been giving undue coverage
and projection to him which encouraged him to resort to such
undesirable machinations.
The minister said that the media should ask Imran who offered
him the money, why he and his lawyers were not replying to the
notices of ECP in the foreign funding case besides raising the
question as to why the petition of Hanif Abbassi against Imran Khan
was not taken up by the SC?
Responding to a question regarding surrender of spokesman of
TTP Ehsan Ullah Ehsan and the revelations made by him, Marriyum
Aurangzeb said it testified to the success of the endeavours of the
government, security and law enforcing agencies that they had been
making to eliminate terrorism from the country and the operation
Radul Fasaad launched to achieve the objectives of NAP. The minister
said that the statement given by the TTP spokesman showed that
militants were trying to mislead the youth in the name of religion
and the nation should thank Almighty Allah that the writ of the
state had been established through the efforts and sacrifices of the
security agencies and the contribution made by constitutional
institutions of the country.
The minister emphatically said that according to different
surveys Nawaz Sharif was the most popular leader and the PML (N) was
the most popular party in the country. She said Nawaz Sharif was a
three-times elected Prime Minister and people had expectation from
which he was trying to fulfill through the projects in the domain of
infrastructure, energy, transport and communication and by restoring
peace in the country. Marriyum pointed that during the last four
years no corruption scandal had been reported in the country and the
success stories of the PML (N) government had been duly acknowledge
the world over.
As against this, the PTI had a dismal track record in
KPK and the people of the province, particularly youth who believed
in the lies of Imran had now realized their folly as the party had
failed to deliver, she remarked. The minister said that Imran Khan
had been an avowed critic of motorways and metro bus projects but
now the KPK government was in the process of preparing feasibilities
of the same projects after four years. She said Imran had been
trying to mislead the people of KPK and he would reap the reward for
his lies during the past four years, in the coming elections.
Castigating Imran for hollow claims about accountability
she said, “Those who claimed to hold accountability in 90 days,
licked down the Accountability Bureau in the KPK when files of their
own ministers for involvement in corruption were opened” Marriyum
asked Imran to wait for the elections in 2018 and let the people
decide about his political future saying “People will only vote for
the party which delivers development projects and resolves their
The minister felt that Imran was afraid of the popularity of Marriyum Nawaz and that is why he had been trying to link her with one controversy or the other to tarnish her image. She also expressed disappointment on his assertion regarding two national anthems in the country.
Responding to a question about PPP she said that the
party had already gone into the election mode. The party she said
had failed to deliver in Sindh and it was the Prime Minister who was
filling the gap by announcing mega development projects in the
province like motorway and other infrastructure projects.
Regarding the contents of the Dawn leaks report she
advised media to refrain from speculating reporting. She said that
interior minister had submitted the report to the Prime Minister who
was looking into it and the media would be informed about the
findings and recommendations of the committee report sooner than
later. She assured the media that necessary action would be taken on
the recommendations of the committee.