Marriyum castigates Imran for concocted allegations against Shahbaz Sharif

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ISLAMABAD, Sept 3 (APP): Minister of State for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb has severely
castigated Imran Khan for hurling concocted allegations of corruption against Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, involving a Chinese
She said that after rejection of the allegations by the
Chinese embassy, clarifying that the Chinese Company named Jiangsu
Yabaite did not operate in Pakistan, Imran had to face yet another
embarrassment. However, she said, only those persons feel mortified
who have some grain of shame in them.
The Minister said that after the rebuttal given by the Chinese
embassy, it was imperative to find out what connection Imran had with
the Chinese company Yabaite?
Lamenting the irrepressible propensity of Imran Khan to hurl
unsubstantiated allegations, the minister said that Shahbaz Sharif
had been elected thrice as Chief Minister of the province and during
his tenures he had made and implemented development projects of
billions and trillions of rupees but even his staunchest enemies had
not been able to point out any corruption in those projects.
Marriyum said that Imran had failed even to prepare a project
on paper for KPK but had spoken lies worth billions and trillions of
She said that by hurling fabricated allegations against Chief
Minister Punjab, Imran Khan had attacked the right of development of
the people of Punjab, particularly the people of Multan. Marriyum
observed that though Imran was not expected to tender an apology but
it was hoped that after having been proven as a liar, he would feel
a little bit ashamed.
The minister said that Imran Khan had not been able to control
Dengue and floods in KPK but had established new records in lying
and taking u-turns during the last four years. She asked when would
Imran unlock the Ehtasab Commission in KPK?.