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ISLAMABAD, Oct 27 (APP):Minister of state for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Ms. Aurangzeb has expressed solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir and vehemently condemned the atrocities being perpetrated on them by the occupying Indian security forces. In a message issued on the occasion of Black Day being observed in Kashmir, Pakistan and wherever the  Kashmiris lived around the world  she said that the continued occupation of the paradise on earth by the Indian forces was an affront to the conscience of the civilized World  and the UN. Marriyum said that 27th October was the blackest Day in the history of Kashmir when the Indian forces landed on its soil in 1947.
She said that Pakistan would continue to extend moral, political and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri brethren till the time they achieved their independence. She said that Pakistanis saluted their Kashmiri brethren for the sacrifices that they had rendered during the last six decades for winning their freedom. She said that the Black Day was posing a question to the UN as to when would it fulfill its promises with of the oppressed and unarmed people of Kashmir who were victims of the continuous and unmitigated Indian oppression.
The minister said that the mothers, daughters, sisters, sons and children of Kashmir had established an unparalleled example of their lover for liberty. Marriyum said that independence of Kashmir was unfinished agenda of partition and the Indian dream to silence the people of Kashmir with the barrel of gun had been completely shattered. She said that the world institutions and the international community did not have the right to profess their claim for being civilized and justice loving unless they helped the people of Kashmir to get their rights.
She said that the silence and indifference over the Indian state terrorism and oppression by the international community, was akin to helping the oppressor. The MOS said that the people of Kashmir by spurning all kinds of lures and standing up to the Indian oppression had proved beyond an iota of doubt that they would not settle on anything less than their independence from Indian occupation. The minister said that every Pakistani was an advocate of independence of Kashmir and there could be no peace in the region until and unless the issue of Kashmir was resolved. She expressed the optimism that the day was not far off when the people of Kashmir would win their freedom.