Marking ‘Black Day’, Pakistani-Americans in Chicago slam Indian oppression in Kashmir


CHICAGO, Oct 28 (APP):Speakers at a large gathering of Pakistani-Americans, held in Chicago on Friday to mark “Black Day”, called on the international community to pressurize India into allowing the struggling Kashmiri people to exercise their U.N.-pledged right of self-determination to pave the way for peace and stability in South Asia.
They also denounced the brutal tactics employed by Indian security forces in suppressing the mass uprising and called for an end to the killings, while reaffirming full support to their cause, at the meeting which took place at the Consulate General.
Consul General Faisal Niaz Tirmizi said that October 27, marks a grave human tragedy as on this day Indian forces forcibly occupied Kashmir and started subjugating, oppressing and terrorizing innocent Kashmiris.
Since July last year, he said Indian atrocities have resulted in the killings of over 460 innocent Kashmiris, injuring over 20,000 and deliberately blinding hundreds with pellet guns. Over 200 people have lost eyesight, while the vision of many more has been impaired. Over 7,000 Kashmiris have been arrested with their current status unknown, while scores of women have been raped and molested.
Tirmizi urged the Pakistani-American Community to draw the attention of their respective Congressmen and Senators towards Indian denial of the right of self-determination for Kashmiri people.
Kashmir, he said, was the oldest unresolved issue on the United Nations’ agenda. Seven decades had gone by without any resolution of the dispute, raising questions about the collective responsibility of the international community.
Tirmizi also assured the audience of Pakistan’s unflinching and steadfast moral, diplomatic and political support for the just cause of the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir.
He said this support would continue till the realization of their lawful right to self-determination through a plebiscite.
Raja Muhammd Yaqoob, a Pakistani-American community activist, also spoke at the event and urged India to implement the relevant Security Council resolutions.
Pakistani scholar and scientist, Dr. Teepu Siddique, said that scenarios were fast evolving and the days were not far when Kashmiri people will live their lives according to their free will.
Major (r) Hifz-ur-Rehman, a Pakistan Army veteran and Pakistani-American community activist, gave a presentation to the audience about current state of human right violations by Indian army in India Occupied Kashmir.