APP39-17 ISLAMABAD: August 17 – Chairman Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Dr. Yousaf Zafar speaks at the launching ceremony of the book “Managers as Little Prince” written by Mr. Khurram Ellahi at a local hotel. APP photo by Saeed-ul-Mulk

ISLAMABAD, August 17 (APP):Management is the core issue of every public private institution and ‘Managers as Little Prince’ intends to guide its readers to become leaders through the art of literature solving the matter with fictional blend.
This was the gist of the book titled ‘Managers as Little Prince’ by young author Khurram Ellahi launched here on Friday.
The author believed that emerging dynamics of management becomes the newest forerunner of contemporary Pakistani literature on the subject of modern day management.
The book presents the author’s thoughts on the subject of Management leadership as a composite of various aspects such as communication, organizational culture, leadership, personal development, human resources management and governance in conjunction with poetry, fiction and literature.
The book is one of its kinds from Pakistan which looks at Business and Management through lens of poetry and fiction. Author has used poetry as a tool to look at current issues of Business and Management sciences.
In this book, the author has used the novel Little Prince written by Saint Exupery to attend the long lasting dilemmas of Business and Management. New thinking approach has been introduced to attend the old problems of management. Book also looks at conventional approach of attending those dilemmas and how thinking like Little Prince can help managers.
The speakers at the launch appreciated Khurram’s work and were unanimous in their opinion that the book is an interesting piece of work which would unravel new methods and lessons of management to its readers.
This book bridges the gap between the availability of theoretical frameworks and research in the discipline of management and the guidance on how to actually implement that knowledge in real world settings. Author Khurram Ellahi is a lecturer at a public university. He is pursuing his PhD in leadership.
The speakers particularly Dr. Yousaf Zafar, Chairman Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Dr. Najeeeb Khan , Joint Secretary Ministry of Information, Dr. Hassan Rasool, Asst. Prof PIDE, Dr. Abid Ghafoor Head of Anthropology Department Arid Agriculture University, Shaheer Ellahi, Asst Prof. Bharia University, and Dr. Nadeem Khan Asst. Prof. PIDE expressed their views about the book.