Mamnoon calls for taking part in educational activities to study factors of extremism, terrorism

ISLAMABAD, April 22 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain Saturday
said active participation in educational activities was essential to
carry out study of political, economic, social and psychological
factors behind issues of terrorism and extremism besides suggesting
their solutions.
Addressing inaugural ceremony of National Book Fair on the
occasion of National Book Day, the President said it was an important national activity that would prove to be a message of hope, life and
light, not just for Pakistani nation but for the entire humanity.
The ceremony was attended by Adviser to the Prime Minister on
National History and Literary Heritage Irfan Siddiqui, Managing
Director National Book Foundation Professor Dr. Inamul Haq Javed
and a huge number of writers, publishers and book-lovers.
The President lauded National History and Literary Heritage
Division for rendering invaluable services for preservation and
promotion of national literary heritage.
He also praised the National Book Foundation for working
day and night with a missionary zeal to provide high standard
and attractive books at affordable prices.
The President, who also visited the stalls and different
sections at Book Fair, particularly appreciated Kids Republic
Corner saying the children were the future of the country.
He viewed “our future would be in safe hands and dream
of our forefathers would come true if we succeed in making
books a centre of attraction for our children.”
The President was of the view that books break the
connection of human with subversive forces and connect him
with positivity, open up the windows of heart and mind and
create an atmosphere of peace, fraternity and brotherhood.
He said the books also make life beautiful by teaching
people skills to cope with harsh realities of life and brings
them closer to success despite difficulties.
“This is why through this book fair, my message to
Pakistani nation and the whole humanity is to reconnect with
books by breaking away from uncertainty to make this world a
paradise,” he remarked.
Referring to China Pakistan Economic Corridor, the
President said about four years ago, government saw a
beautiful dream to connect Pakistan with different regions
of the world, taking advantage of its geographical location.
“Each passing day is taking us closer to realization of our
dream,” he added.
“I am confident that after the operationalization of
CPEC, Pakistan will achieve economic stability but for this
hard work and expertise in contemporary sciences and arts is
of utmost importance,” he said.
However, in this respect, heavy responsibility lies on
National Book Foundation and other such publishing houses to
ensure that students, researchers and educational institutions
are never short of quality books.
He said “the people, associated with this industry, should
remain steadfast even if they face drop in their profit or have
to work extra hard because facing little inconvenience today can
secure our future.”
He assured that the government would continue to cooperate
at every stage in this noble endeavour.
In his address, Irfan Siddiqui highlighted the efforts,
being made by his Division for promotion of literary activities
in the country which were bringing positive outcomes.
He said the Book Fair gave an encouragement to the
writers and advised the literary organization to strive for
guiding the nation.
He said good books were being written, published and
read as well; however if media played due role to promote
book reading culture, it could do miracles.
He told the audience that three book fairs had already
been held in Islamabad besides more such events held in
Karachi and Lahore.
He viewed that the negative trends of intolerance,
hatred and extremism could be tackled through promoting
book culture.
MD National Book Foundation Inamul Haq apprised the
audience about Foundation’s efforts for creating awareness
and development of reading habits.
He also lauded the announcement of an endowment fund
by the Prime Minister for encouragement and swift execution
of literary projects.
Secretary of the Division Amir Hassan also addressed the
Adviser Irfan Siddiqui also presented two copies of the
Holy Quran to the President.