Malik stresses active role of Parliaments in sustainable development

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ISLAMABAD, Sep 28 (APP): Minister for Commerce and Textiles
Pervaiz Malik called upon the Parliaments of all WTO member
countries to contribute in making trade fair and inclusive for all
segments of society.
Speaking on “Making Trade Fair: The Contribution of
Parliaments”, referred to the rising protectionist sentiment in the
west resulting from the perceived inequitable distribution of gains
from free trade. The benefits of trade must be spread across all
segments of society to make the resulting economic prosperity
sustainable, said a message received here.
In a detailed speech as the panelist at the WTO Public Forum,
the Commerce and Textiles Minister highlighted the various
challenges that global trade is confronted with such as high
adjustment costs for the labour market when they are displaced, the
persistent gap between under-developed and developed countries,
access to Global Value Chains (GVCs); and high barriers faced by
Micro Small and Medium Enterprises in gaining access to markets,
technology and finance.
Minister Malik appreciated the efforts of both national and
provincial legislative assemblies in Pakistan which have made laws
for social and economic inclusion of the marginalized communities,
particularly on issues of child labour and gender discrimination.
He called for other countries’ parliaments as well to ensure
that the benefits of trade are equitably distributed across the