Lyari gang commander Baba Ladla killed in an encounter


KARACHI, Feb. 2 (APP): Noor Muhammad alias Baba Ladla, known to
be a notorious gangster and one of the most wanted suspects was killed in an encounter with the Rangers at Lyari neighborhood here on Thursday.
According to details released by Pakistan Rangers-Sindh, it was
on basis of confirmed information about presence of the Lyari gang
war commander at Phool Patti lane that a raid was conducted in the
area this morning.
Consequent to fierce resistance that lasted for some 35 minutes
“Baba Ladla” alongwith two of his accomplice Sikandar alias Sikko and
Mohammad Yaseen alias Mama, was killed at the site.
Automatic weapons and hand grenades were said to be also used
during the encounter.
Baba Ladla was wanted in more than 74 henious crimes by police,
said the press release issued by the Rangers.
Some of the crimes allegedly committed by him were said
to include murders of other Lyari gang leaders namely Shera Pathan,
Arshad Pappu and Yasir Arafat and burning their bodies in
collaboration with gang war leader Uzair Baloch.
Attack on a police party in April 2012, and the murder of head
constable Fayyaz and constable Tufail; Murder of five people including
a Dalmia resident and his sons; Kidnapping three people in March 2013
and killing one of them after torture were also enumerated as some of
his crimes.
According to the Rangers press release Sikander (Sikko), a
close aide of Ladla was most wanted by the police in more than 15
terrorism related cases.
Some of these were murder of SHO Fawad Khan during an attack on a
police party in April 2012; Killing of head constable Asif in 2012;
Torture and killing of two people in 2013; Illegal sale, purchase and
supply of weapons.
Mohammad Yaseen (Mama) cited to be the right hand of Ladla was
involved in attacks on police and law enforcement agencies personnel;
Kidnapping and killings of Kutchi Rabita Committee (KRC) members
during their conflict with Lyari gang war members and drug trafficking
in Lyari.
The Rangers spokesman through the statement said criminals and
terrorists cannot escape the grasp of law.