LUMHS starts monitoring anti-state activities in the campus

LUMHS starts monitoring anti-state activities in the campus

HYDERABAD, April 17 (APP): The Vice Chancellor Liaquat University of
Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro Prof. Dr. Naushad A. Shaikh has informed that the university management has started monitoring the anti-state activities in order to save the campus from anti-state elements if any.
The Vice Chancellor informed this while addressing a
news conference with a selected media gathering of his own choice at
his office on Monday to brief them about the situation erupted after
the arrest of university student Noureen Leghari from Lahore on
charges of planning terrorist act on the day of Easter celebrations.
He claimed that the report of a high level committee of the university
headed by the Pro-Vice Chancellor with Deans,Director Students Affairs and Hostel provost as its members has found no clue regarding involvement of Noureen Leghari in anti-state activities.
The report revealed that student Noureen Leghari
attended her classes regularly with concentration on study and always
achieved good results in the university examinations, the Vice
Chancellor claimed that she had four close friends in the university
among them three belonged to Hindu community which indicated that she
possessed no thoughts of extremism.
There is the possibility that Noureen Leghari was in
contact with someone on social media therefore the university
management unable to determine her future thoughts and planning, the
Vice Chancellor said and added that after missing from home and
university, she had no contact with any one since last two months and
finally her location was traced in Lahore.
The Vice Chancellor maintained that university
students are studying in the campus in cordial atmosphere and no sign
of anti-state activities has so far been found by the management
except usual Islamic activities including prayers and discussion on
Hadis during prayers break at the students’ common rooms.
However,after arrest of Noureen Leghari on charge of terrorism, the
university management has formed committees which started monitoring on the
activities of students in the campus, he added.
The Vice Chancellor said that the university
management is extending full cooperation with the parents of Noureen
Leghari and the concerned security agencies in respect of her
activities in the campus.