LPG production stood at 1.918mmt in three years


ISLAMABAD, Aug 25 (APP): Local production of Liquefied Petroleum
Gas (LPG) remained over 1.918 million metric tonns (mmt), imports 0.840
mmt, sales 2.559 mmt during the last three years, Chairman LPG
Distributors Association (LPGDA) Irfan Khokhar said.
“Due to effective strategy of the current government, price and
availability of the commodity remained better in the winter season this year
as compared to previous years, but there is the need to further streamline the matters
especially relating to LPG import,” he said while talking to APP.
During the last winter season, he said the LPG price did not cross the
Rs 100 per kilogram figure due the government strategy to bridge gap
between demand and supply of the commodity. Otherwise, earlier in this
season, LPG per kg price had been fluctuating and even touched the Rs 200
figure, he added.
During the last 12 months, over 1.2 mmt LPG was sold that generated
more than Rs 42 billion revenue for the government, projecting that the
revenue would reach Rs 100 billion this year.
Last year, he said, 532,918 mt LPG was imported and this year the
association had the plan to import one mmt, stressing the government to
formulate more effective strategy for LPG sector in the upcoming fiscal year
to meet ever-growing energy needs.
In 2014, the chairman said LPG production, imports and sales
remained 440,115 mt, 82,117 mt, and 502,232 mt respectively, while the
production stood at 829,509 mt, imports 245,578 mt and sales 875,087 mt in
the year 2015.
Answering a question, he appreciated the government approval for
setting up over 60 LPG-air mix plants in selected areas by Sui Northern Gas
Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) and Sui Southern Gas Company Limited
(SSGCL), where natural gas supply does not exist.
He said the plants would help provide inexpesive fuel to consumers
through a dedicated transmission network in far-flung areas, underlining the
need to encourage private sector in setting up their own LPG-air mix plants
for housing colonies after fulfilling required codal formalities.