Lok Virsa to screen Punjabi classic film “Nizam Lohar” on Nov 18


ISLAMABAD, Nov 14 (APP):Lok Virsa Mandwa Film Club would organize screening of Punjabi classic film “Nizam Lohar” on November 18 at its media center.
The film was directed by Jameel Akhtar. The film explores “romanticizing the dacoits (bandits)” – a long accepted norm in which dacoits have been projected as Robin Hoods.
Nizam Lohar, was an iron smith who joined the forces of Jeet Singh and Malkeet Singh, both prominent proponents of the Babbar Akali Movement, during the British rule. He supported their movements by producing and providing required weapons and by attacking pro-government rich people, distributing their money and valuables to the local poor people, just like the Robin Hood, who was a heroic outlaw in the English folklore. As a result he was hunted and ultimately killed by authorities, in a shoot off at his hiding place.
The film “Nizam Lohar” pays tribute to the various fights of this legendary freedom fighter and his struggle towards independence. A classic from 1966, the movie stars Alauddin in the lead role, Neelo, Yasmin, Mazhar Shah and Sawan. It features some memorable classics such as Dil Ki Daleela Kar Da, Kujh Samjh Na Away, Pyar Kissay Naal Pavin Na, Kei Rupan Wich Phirn Behrupi.