Lok Virsa to screen movie “Journey” on asylum seekers on Nov 4


ISLAMABAD, Oct 30 (APP):Asylum, migration and human trafficking are burning issues these days and people are ready to go abroad willing or forced to pay the price with their life.
Lok Virsa has selected documentary film on this subjected titled “Journey” to be screened at its Media Center on November 4.
“Journey”(Safar) is 1995 Iranian film about asylum seekers. It deals with people who would do anything to leave their home. They are not just in need but they are desperate to reach somewhere in life. They have left their home for different reasons. They are mainly from Afghanistan but also from Iran, Pakistan,Iraq and elsewhere .Their object in life is the same-to reach somewhere( in this case: Australia).
We see their life in desperation and agony but the purpose behind making this film is entirely different. The film does not encourage asylum seekers to be dare devils.In fact the purpose here is to deter them.
They must not enter Australia. No matter if you are sick and tired of being at your home country and you are searching for a better life.The people would try any means (Boat , air) to arrive in Australia but they are sent back to dreadful sea to die.
The film begins in Tehran. After bit of story telling to children, enter human smuggling and trafficking. There is nothing left in the life for these people except to hit the shores of Australia but Australia is not ready to except them at any any cost. Australia funded the film and promoted it with a hefty budget of six million dollars. Journey was aired on television in Afghanistan and many other Asian countries. The documentary has been lensed in three countries and it carries cast and credits from thirteen counties. Almost one-third of the film takes place on the boat through treacherous waters. Strict Australian rules on immigration are already in place (remember Austria is a continent but also surrounded by sea all around without territorial link to any other country). Australian rules on migration are the villains here. A media Mughal in Afghanistan was hired for a million dollars to market and promote the film, which according to some critics, was one million dollars thrown down the drain. According to these critics, was it ethical to drown six million dollars on film production, in an effort to change the mentality of Afghan and other migrants, no matter how horrific scene they experience at home.