Lok Virsa to promote cultural heritage of Kalash Valley


ISLAMABAD, May 2 (APP): National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa) would promote cultural heritage of Chitral and Kalash Valley.
This was stated by Executive Director Lok Virsa Dr Fouzia Saeed during her visit to Kalash Valley Chitral.
In a meeting with locals, she assured that the culture of valley would be promoted and preserved.
Dr Fouzia Saeed invited the local cultural organizations to come under the umbrella of Autaq project so that their cultural threats can be easily communicated by mutual understanding and conflict reducing.
During visit, Dr. Fouzia also visited the museum which was developed by Greek scholars and the government is running it in a very good manner.
She had invited the curator of Chitral museum for a recent training conducted by smithsonian and Lok virsa together.
She also met research scholars, folklorists, Folk singers and linguists.
At a meeting with local scholars Inayat ullah Faizi expressed that it was after a long gap that someone from Lok virsa has visited them. They shared many ideas where Lok virsa could help them. Two research ideas were finalize with scholars, Farid Ahmad Raza and Mohammad Irfan to document folk stories and folk songs.
Recording of a 90 years old flute player Taleem Khan, was also agreed upon who still remembers many old folk tunes that the new musicians do not know.
Other ideas where Lok Virsa could help the folklorists and artists in Chitral included their promotion in the Capital and having them connect up with other institutions.
The high point of the visit was the dominant feeling and goodwill among the intellectuals and artists of Chitral in relation to Lok Virsa’s reaching out to them.
Dr. Fouzia Saeed said Lok Virsa provides a vital platform for a wide variety of cultural organizations and ethnic communities to organize themselves; with a space for artists and artisans, to become a part of Lok Virsa’s larger family as Lok Virsa has played a remarkable role in preservation and flourishing the rich culture of the country.