Lok Virsa to pay tribute to Literature

ISLAMABAD, Aug 7 (APP): Lok Virsa is celebrating 70 years of Pakistan with special tributes to the unique and beautiful elements of our cultural heritage such as “Literature”, “Dance”, “Theater” and “Photography”.
In this regard, Lok Virsa would pay a tribute to “Literature”
with a special ceremony organized for the launching of the book “Judge Sahab” by Arshad Shad, a Novelist, poet and playwright on August 11.
Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani likely to be the chief guest on the occasion. Other guests and speakers include literary luminaries such as Amjad Islam Amjad and Iftikhar Arif. Mujahid Brelvi will host the evening.
Dr.Fouzia Saeed, Executive Director Lok Virsa, will give the
welcome address in the ceremony.
look forward to see you on Friday August 11 at 5 pm, as we
hear and learn from the literary intelligentsia of Pakistan.
Novelist, poet, journalist and playwright Ashraf Shad has a
very impressive portfolio of writings to his name.
An accomplished journalist, he worked as the Head of Urdu
Service at SBS Radio, besides editing and publishing daily and
weekly newspapers and academic research magazines in different countries.
Ashraf Shad has authored 12 books including novels,
collections of his poetry and a short story compilation. His novel `Bewatan’ won the Prime Minister Literary Award in 1998 for the best novel from the Pakistan Academy of Letters.