BEIJING, Aug 11 (APP):Former Information Minister Javed Jabbar has called upon the relevant officials to set up a 24-hour news channel and organize local media visits to the projects being completed under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) for objective reporting and creating more awareness among the people.
“If the local media does not know enough about the CPEC, it will not be able to make objective reports, which will easily lead to public misunderstanding,” he told a Chinese language website “Huanqiu com”.
He said the main problem at present is that the information about the CPEC has not been accurately and comprehensively conveyed to the media, which has caused the Pakistani people to know very little about the project.For example, the Thar coalfield in south-eastern Pakistan is the seventh largest coal field in the world.
The development of the coalfield will help to solve the serious energy shortage in Pakistan and the national energy security.
A Pakistan coal mine company and a Chinese company have set up a power plant there.
Javed Jabbar opined that most Pakistanis believe that all workers in the power plant are Chinese, but this is not the case. “Not long ago, when I visited this power plant, I found that out of a total of about 4,000 workers, only 500 were Chinese.” They were mainly technicians such as supervisors, engineers or senior managers, and most of them were from locals or other parts of the country.
After being invited to the power plant, the media reporters realized that they had received misleading information. In fact, Pakistan and China have perfected the organization and construction of this project. The power plant is very efficient and has already achieved its stated goals four months ahead of schedule.
He said the major political parties in Pakistan are aware that cooperation with China is beneficial to Pakistan. Therefore, they all want to maintain good relations with China, support the “Belt and Road Initiative” and welcome the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project. This is the consensus they have reached.
However, these political parties compete politically and hope to win more investment projects in the CPEC to support their provinces or villages.
Therefore, they will make some remarks. For example, the funds of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project must be allocated to certain provinces or the area, otherwise it will not benefit the Pakistani people, he added.If the local media does not know enough about the CPEC, it will not be able to make objective reports, which will easily lead to public misunderstanding.
In view of this, relevant parties should release more details of the project to the Pakistani public, organize local media reporters and the public to visit the project site, and even set up a 24-hour TV news channel to introduce the CPEC. Find out what projects are being promoted in the CPEC.
He said the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project can help Pakistan build and improve power facilities, highways and promote inter-connectivity between Pakistan and China.
While promoting industrial cooperation and industrial park development, it will also bring employment to more local people. For Pakistan, the CPEC is undoubtedly a “game changer” and a “key factor in changing the overall situation.”
About 70% of the total investment of 62 billion U.S. dollars in the CPEC will enter the energy sector for the construction of fire, hydro and photovoltaic power stations, and the remaining 30% will be used to build and renovate highways and railways to shorten transit time as well as improving transportation efficiency.
These investments are mainly carried out in accordance with the principle of marketization. Only a small part of this is China’s loan to Pakistan, and the interest rate is relatively low. The pressure on the Pakistani economy is very small, and it has not increased Pakistan’s debt burden as some people in the world have said.
Pakistan should strive to improve its efficiency and coordinate between local governments, provincial governments and the federal government to facilitate the smooth implementation of the project, he concluded.