ISLAMABAD, Aug 5 (APP):Inspired by the breath-taking beauty of Concordia, a heaven’s piece of land located in the heart of Karakoram range, British Trekker and President of London Mountaineerings Club Zaheer Durrani has expressed surprise that how this dream destination remains unfathomed to the nature’s lovers.
Talking to APP here Zaheer Durrani said ,the mystical place, located in Gilgit Baltistan, is a confluence of Baltoro Glacier and the Godwin-Austen Glacier, “Once a tourist visits here and gets back home but his heart remains there in the panoramic views of heavenly beauty” .
Durrani whose life is full of adventures was so inspired with the beauty of Concordia that forced him to say,”This place is the superlative and nothing is Parallel to it.” But he also expressed his dissatisfaction over Pakistan’s Tourism Development Corporation for not doing enough to introduce this captivating place to the world’s tourists.
Enlightening his life’s best and first ever trip of three weeks, Durrani told he had to walk 90 Km from Askol to fulfil his lifelong dream of reaching Concordia and explored different valleys with unforgettable scenic views.
“The site is so unique and distinguished that it offers views of the four of 14 world’s ‘eight-thousanders’ including K-2 with 8,611 m, Nanga Parbat 8,126, Broad Peak 8,051 and Gasherbrum-I 8,080,” Zaheer added.
Lush green meadows, highrise welcoming mountains sparkling waterfalls and cool and soothing breeze takes you to another world, he remarked
Sharing views of the other trekkers from Nepal and Sri Lanka who accompanied him he said
they were all unanimous that there was no comparison of the Karakoram Pakistan due to its vast and rugged scale.
During his trip, he said, he discovered a secluded valley with summer pasture and meadows and later named as Skorola valley that was blossoming with a great variety of spring flowers.
He also explored a village Taftay with two waterfalls, falling on its both sides with one wooden pedestrian bridge that appeared to be a sibling of Switzerland, he added.
“I feel like there is nothing here that can come between human and nature,” he remarked.
He said the people of the area were hospitable, invited the tourists to their homes for dinner. The security situation of the area was incredible and tourists roamed there freely.
He set up five routes in Khanday Village for rock climbing and placed a signboard to inform the trekkers about newly introduced activity so that interested people could practice there rock climbing.
Durrani also expressed his concern over the waste being thrown there contaminating the overall environment and authorities concerned’s indifference to work out a proper plan for its disposal.
“If ten trekkers embarked on climbing journey, they have to hire around 250 porters and 18 mules,” that required an adequate waste disposal mechanism to sweep out plastic and filth of mules. “This is not only causing water contamination directly but also producing visual pollution for climbers,” he added.
KoraKorm park’s management should install a modern waste disposal system to treat
the waste in environment-friendly manners, he suggested.