ISLAMABAD, Nov 10 (APP): The Writer’s Caf’ on Thursday organized a 12th session of its series “Meet a Writer Over a Cup of Tea” with a writer and intellectual Prof Fateh Muhammad Malik.
The series ‘Meet a Writer Over a Cup of Tea’ was run by Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL).
Literary work of Prof. Fateh Muhammad Malik was discussed and his contemporaries shed light on the background of his literary work.
The Writers Cafe aims to bring together the literary persons around a table over their favourite beverages and open a dialogue about their love of writing.
PAL Chairman Dr Qasim Bughio said the Writers’ Cafe was serving as the centre for public-intellectual discourse where writers, poets, artists and journalists meet and discuss contemporary literary issues over a cup of tea.
The scholars said that Malik is “a prominent intellectual and distinguished scholar of Iqbaliat.
He always expressed his views about the identity of Islamic Ummah with a passion that traces back to Allama Muhammad Iqbal.”
Fateh Muhammad Malik carries 44 years teaching and research experience. He has authored and edited a number of books and research articles.