Let democracy not become ‘bondmaid’ of affluent: Saad Rafique

ISLAMABAD Dec 16 (APP): Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique on Friday urged to learn from follies of the past and reiterated resolve to struggle for real democracy in the country.
“Let democracy not become bondmaid of the affluent. Let us release poor of our country from cruel clutches of feudalism and capitalism ensuring presence of middle class in the Parliament,” he said in National Assembly speaking on Army Public School incident two years back and Fall of Dhaka on December 16, 1971.
“It is painful to discuss these incidents. But, such incidents carry meaningful lessons for the nations and time has come that we
shun the bitterness of the past and move forward united and with a
commitment to make Pakistan citadel of peace, strength and harmony,”
he said.
“Let us renew our pledge to our people and the country. We all committed follies in the past some times by siding with dictators
and another time by targeting one another. But, these follies taught
us a lesson and both the PML N and PPPP had decided to avoid
recurrence of those follies,” he added.
The minister said, Army Public School incident and Dhaka Fallremind us of our commitment to this country and our nation.
Therefore, whole of Pakistani nation stands united today against
terrorism and anti Pakistan forces.
Saad Rafique said a continued desire of those wielding power, to rule the poor and weaker communities does no good to nations.
“But, we are still facing this challenge as the election of representatives of poor and weaker is still a far cry.”
He said rejecting the voice of majority in 1971 and afterwards frequent martial laws in the country had damaged democracy and democratic institutions. “Had the notion of the majority been accepted in 1971 the country could have been saved from disintegration.”
He said hanging political leaders in Bangladesh by Sheikh Haseena Wajid’s regime for supporting Pakistan is highly condemnable
and violation of a tripartite agreement.
Rejecting the allegations of PPP MNAs on performance of Interior Ministry, Saad Rafique said, performance of Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan was up to the mark. “His performance is 1000 times better than the Interior Minister of the previous government. We respect the opposition’s right to criticism but it should not forget the times when the arms licenses were sold out and false assertions used to be made.”
He said instead of indulging in blame game there is dire need that a message of unity and cohesion should go to people who had voted for democracy and elected their representatives for protection of their right and solution of their problems.