ISLAMABAD, Sep 19 (APP):Minister of State on Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad on Wednesday informed
the Senate that laws and constitution will be followed in the acquisition of land in
Mozahs Tamma and Mohrian of Islamabad.
The minister expressed these views while responding to a calling attention notice
of Senator Kalsoom Perveen towards the forcible acquisition of land in Mozahs
Tamma and Mohrian of district Islamabad against the will of the land owners.
The minister said that in 2012, the then prime minister had issued instructions
for the establishing housing society for lawyers community, but the order was not implemented.
He further informed the House that it was decided that 50
percent plots will be given to lawyers community and 50 percent will be
allocated to government employees.
Ali Muhamamd said that when the order of the PM was not implemented,
the lawyers representative approach the Supreme Court for redressal of the issues.
He said after that, the then Prime Minister in 2015 again issued instructions for
establishing society, which was not implemented also by the concern authority.
Ali Muhammad said that in September 2017, the government try to take the land,
but protect was started. He said in August. 2018 order was issued to take the land and the
government is implementing the decision.
However, he said the present government had not vacated the place till date and
no one had been asked to leave the place.
He sought House suggestion, how to implement the instruction of two prime ministers
and Supreme Court.
However, he said, the law and constitution will be followed
on the issues.”