Lawmakers call for accountability of all

ISLAMABAD July 20 (APP):- Lawmakers in the Upper House of the
Parliament on Thursday called for across the board accountably of all
rather than targeting a single family.
They said there should not be any discrimination and everybody
should be taken to task.
Opening discussion on the JIT report constituted on Panama Papers case, Senator Muhammad Azam Swati said accountability should be carried out across the board without any discrimination. In democracy everybody is accountable, he added.
Senator Col (R) Syed Tahir Hussain Mashhadi said corruption had
destroyed the Pakistani society and the elements involved in
it should be arrested.
Senator Sirajul Haq regretted that unfortunately politics was
being used for earning money.”We want accountability of all as more
than 600 people were mentioned in the Panama papers,” he added.
“We are not enemies of the democracy we want just accountably”
Sarajul Haq said.
Shahi Syed said every one was in favour of accountability of others but noone wanted to present themselves for the same.
Sehar Kamran said accountability of all was the demand of the whole nation.
Farhatullah Babar said there was no danger to democracy if
across the board accountability of all was done without any
Mian Muhammad Ateeq Shaikh said the JIT worked beyond its
mandate. He said that a report submitted by JIT was not possible
within 60 days. He said accountability of the one family
was unjustified.
Ghous Muhammad Khan Niazi said people stood with democracy.
He said JIT was not competent as low grade employees were assigned to work in the JIT. All the political parties should show unity against
corruption, he added.
He said it was not justified to ask Prime Minister to resign
on the basis of mere allegations.
Kamil Ali Agha, said politics of give and take should be ended in
the country.
Sherry Rehman said accountability wa the demand of the whole nation.
Saeedul Hassan Mandokhail said accountability should be done through parliament.
Taj Haider said, “We are the representatives of the people and
answerable to them.”
Pervaiz Rashid said the country witnessed unprecedented development during the tenure of the Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and the menace of terrorism had almost been eliminated, he added.
He said, a member of the JIT had assigned his cousin to conduct
the audit and 49,000 pound was paid to him.
He said JIT had completely rejected the report of Rehman Malik adding
after 20 years, all the allegations leveled against Sharif’s family had been proved wrong.
He asked people to wait for next election as people of the country were
the best judge.
Senator Rubina Irfan said corruption destroyed the country’s institutions, Saleem Zia said people of Azad Jammu Kashmir, GB
had given vote to Pakistan Muslim League in the elections.
Law and order and economy of the country improved during\
the tenure of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, he added.
Muhammad Saleh Shah called for across the board accountability of all.
Prof. Sajid Mir said JIT worked beyond its mandate. He said it was
Surprising for all that JIT had submitted a report in only 60 days.
He said that corruption was not only the issue of the
under developed countries rather developed countries could not
curtail it completely.
“This is not an accountability rather it is tantamount to target a signal family,” he added.
He said that those people who are beating drums for making only Nawaz Sharif accountable would be the next target.
Mushidullah Khan said Panama papers had no legal cover as
these were uncertified documents.
He said resignation was only sought from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
even when his name was not included in the Panama Papers. He said there should be across the board accountability of all politicians.
He said in Sindh Dr Asim was involved in billions of rupees
corruption and he was made a president of the party.
He strongly criticized the JIT team.
Leader of the Opposition, Aitzaz Ahsan said no society or country could be put on path of progress and development without effective accountability and eliminating corruption.
He said it was need of the hour to strengthen accountability law
in the country.