Law Ministry strongly rejects allegations of JIT


ISLAMABAD, June 14 (APP): The Ministry of Law and Justice has
strongly denied allegations of the JIT in its application submitted
to the apex court to the effect that the matter relating to issue of
notification authorising the Chairman JIT under section 21 of the
National Accountability Ordinance 1999 was “intentionally lingered
at the behest of Ministry of Law and Justice.”
In a clarification statement issued by Ministry of Law and
Justice, it has been stated that the facts are that the order of the
Supreme Court of Pakistan directing the Federal Government
to issue the notification was complied with within two days of
receipt of the order.
The Court’s order dated May 15, 2017 was conveyed by the
Attorney General for Pakistan in writing to the Ministry of Law and
Justice on May 16, 2017.
As the notification was to be issued by the Federal
Government, keeping in view the urgency of the matter, Summary was
moved for approval of the Cabinet through circulation on 17.05.2017.
Approval of the Cabinet was conveyed to the Ministry by
Cabinet Division on 18.05.2017.
On that very day the Secretary, Ministry of Law and Justice
issued the requisite notification and sent a copy of the same to the
Chairman, JIT.
Copies were also endorsed to the Attorney-General for
Pakistan, Registrar, Supreme Court of Pakistan and Secretary,
Ministry of Interior.
Chairman, JIT acknowledged receipt of the notification on May
18, 2017 and requested the Ministry of Law and Justice to circulate
the notification to all foreign jurisdictions within two days
through diplomatic channels as well as NCB – Interpol FIA.
Ministry of Law and Justice on the same day, May 18, 2017,
forwarded the notification and request of the Chairman, JIT to the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (as per Rule 56 of the Rules of
Business, 1973) and Ministry of Interior for necessary action.
The above details clearly establish that there was no delay on
the part of the Ministry of Law and Justice and all necessary steps
were taken as promptly as possible.
The allegations of the JIT regarding the Ministry of Law and
Justice are totally unjustified, the statement added.