Lahore to face Karachi in golf competition


LAHORE, Mar 14 (APP): Lahore’s professional golfers will face Karachi pro’s in a professional golf competition which tees off here tomorrow, Wednesday at Lahore Gymkhana course.
The twelve member professionals Karachi Golf Team captained by Asad I.A.Khan will face the Lahore Team captained by Shahid Javed Khan in a fierce contest for supremacy.
Since this is a competition among the leading professional golf players of Karachi and Lahore, one expects golf of a high standard in a playing environment that can be graded as the best in the country.
And with the weather of Lahore ideal for golf, the participating team members are going to be focused and concentrate on total excellence in their shot making and some superb play around the greens.
The inaugral shot of the Rivalry Cup between champions from Karachi and the hosts in Lahore will be hit by S.A.Ali Sherazi of Netracon Technologies who are backing this championship with total support.
Karachi is going to be represented by Muhammed Ashfaq who will be paired with Moazzam Siddique in this best ball format championship. Other pairings for Karachi are Muhammed Qasim and Ahmed Saeed, Waheed Baloch and Muhammed Khalid,Zulfiqar Ali and Rehmatullah, Muhammed Afzal and Muhammed Amir and lastly Amjad Yousaf and Imran Ali Khan.
The team pairings to represent Lahore are Shahid Javed Khan and Jafal Hussain, Matloob Ahmed and Sunny Masih, Aadil Jehangir and Shafiq Masih, Aashir Masih and Muhammad Asif, Latif Masih and Muhammed Safdar and Danyaal Jehangir and Talat Ijaz.
The participating players are charged up as they are playing for their own home cities and each participant is determine to play to the best of his ability.