Lahore Garrison shooting gala


LAHORE, Apr 20 (APP): The newly built Lahore Garrison Shooting
Gallery (LGSG) is ready to stage Lahore Garrison Shooting Gala from
Lahore Corps is hosting the Gala, which will culminate on April 23.
The Shooting Gala is open to all shooters (Men & Women) from across the country. Approximately 300 male and female shooters of different age
groups from all over Pakistan will compete for honours in various categories including Long Range Shooting up to 600 meters, Skeet Shooting, Trap Shooting- 2.2 Rifle Shooting, Pistol/Revolver Shooting and Air Rifle Shooting. The championship will be conducted as per international standards.
The earth breaking ceremony of the LGSG was held on January 17, 2015
and was inaugurated on November 18, 2016. It is spread over 20 acres of land. The LGSG is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and facilities matching with the international standard. It will not only provide multiple services- ranging from patronizing and encouraging
shooting sport to grooming young shooters in the country. The LGSG will also provide qualified instructors and coaches to train upcoming youngsters inspiring to become future shooters. It is equipped with modern ranges and gadgets of international standard and it can be used for national and international shooting competitions. It will provide a platform to upcoming shooters to participate in national and international shooting events.
The LGSG will also patronize long range sports shooting in the country
and provide a platform where armed forces may benefit from civilian talent in this field. It will take initiative to promote sport of shooting in educational institutions as well. It will encourage and promote the sport of target shooting and competitive marksmanship throughout Pakistan.