KP varsities granted over Rs 12 billion to promote higher education: Baligh

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ISLAMABAD, April 12 (APP): Minister of State for Federal Education
and Professional Training Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman Wednesday informed the Senate that over Rs 12 billion was released to public sector universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) during last fiscal year.
Answering a question in the House, the minister said that grants
for the promotion of higher education were given to the provinces
under a set procedure.
Baligh ur Rehman said that a modern teachers training institute was
being established at the federal level to impart better training to teachers.
To another question, the minister said the concurrent legislative
list was abolished through 18th Constitutional Amendment and the
subjects, including curriculum, syllabus and standards of education,
were devolved to the provinces.
He said in order to learn from each other, collaborate and share
good practices in curriculum keeping in view nationalism, standards and quality, the formation of the National Curriculum Council (NCC) was
approved unanimously by all the provinces and areas in the 3rd Inter Provincial Education Ministers Conference held at Muzaffarabad in
The minister said the NCC consisted of three members from each
province/ area. All provinces and areas participated in the NCC meeting
as member except Sindh, which actively participated as ‘observer’.
He said the main objectives of the NCC were to serve as a
professional, advisory and consultative national body to steer and
guide the development of minimum curriculum in close collaboration and consultation with all the federating units to ensure minimum quality standards from early childhood education to grade XII, to develop
jointly the curriculum framework leading to minimum curriculum
standards, and to carry out and oversee the implementation of the
curriculum framework by the provinces.