KP Govt presents Supplementary budget of Rs. 47.25b for approval


PESHAWAR, June 7 (APP): Contrary to the toll claim of fiscal
discipline, the PTI led KP government Wednesday presented a whopping supplementary budget of Rs. 47.25 billion, to seek approval from the legislators for its extra expending it made during the outgoing fiscal.
According to budgetary documents, a supplementary budget of
Rs. 47.25 billion was presented by Finance Minister Muzafar Said in the House for extra spending in the year 2016-17.
Giving details of the extra spending, Finance Minister said an amount
of Rs. 2.98 billion was spent on payment of adhoc relief to government employees. An amount of Rs. 64 million was released for payment of
salaries and allowance to assembly employees, he added.
Finance Minister said an amount of Rs. 35.7 million was released for
payment of salaries and allowances to employees of Excise and Taxation department.
For payment salaries, allowance and expenditure to police officials
performing special duty during polio vaccination campaigns, an amount of
Rs. 562 million were released to Home Department.
About Rs. 2.92 billion were paid under the head of salaries and
allowances to officials of Special Police Force comprising of
Ex. Service Men, the minister told the House.
Similarly, an amount of Rs. 6.14 billion is released to Health
Department for payment of scholarships and additional grants to nurses, health professional allowance and for purchase of furniture and machinery.
An additional fund of Rs. 96 million were released to Local Government department for payment of salaries.
In the same manner, an amount of Rs. 101 million has been released to
Forest, Environment and Wildlife department for payment of salaries and allowances.
An amount of Rs. 29 million were release to Irrigation department for
payment of salaries and for desiltation campaign.
In July 2016, Finance Minister continued, an amount Rs. 7.2 billion
was release for Restoration of Pension. Similarly, for payment of
salaries to employees of Sports and Tourism department, an additional
fund of Rs. 45 million was released.
A fund of Rs. 600 million were paid to different districts under the
head of District Non-Salary while an additional fund of 667 million were released as grant to Local Councils .
Apart from administrative extra funding, an additional amount of
Rs 20.33 billion were released for developmental schemes, Finance
Minister told provincial assembly.
He said the total developmental budget in the current fiscal was
pitched as Rs. 125 billion. However, during revised estimates the figure surged to Rs. 145.33 billion, causing an additional spending of
Rs. 20.33 billion.
Finance Minister sought approval for a supplementary development
budget of Rs. 27.96 billion as he said provincial government has made
extra spending for early completion of some schemes under PSDP for which federal government did not release sufficient funds.