KP Govt imposes taxes on poors, exempted rich: Muqam

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PESHAWAR, June 9 (APP): Advisor to Prime Minister Amir Muqam on Friday
slammed the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa goernemnt for imposing taxes on poor class despite caliming its buget tax free.
He said PTI government presented “tax tree” budget and not “tax free”,
adding the KP government imposed taxes on tailors, local vendors and medical stores that would exert direct financial burden on poor people.
Addressing a press conference at WAPDA House, he said PTI leader Imran
Khan was residing at Nathiyagali rest House on the provincial government expenses from a month while his government in KP was imposed heavy taxes on poor. He questioned, “How could Imran Khan expressed concern over Prime Minister’s daughter for living with her father when he had made KP House Nathiyagali as his permanent accommodation on public expenses.”
Muqam said that the so called claims of opening the government rest
houses for public in KP had now been exposed and the dual standard of PTI leadership as well.
He said the provincial government was taking Rs 82 billion foreign loans
out of a total Rs126 billion development budget despite making tall claim of not taking begging bowl, adding that Rs 10 billion local loans were also taken by the PTI government. “Imran Khan and his party should have to cut their coat according to their cloth,” he remarked.
He asserted that PML-N would win get overwhelming mandate by the masses
in 2018 general election of 2018 on the basis of party’s performance.
He said the KP Chief Minister had demanded handing over of WAPDA to
them, asking them to first inform the masses about the KP public institutions including Ehteesab Commission, Khyber Bank leaks, Shakil Durrani resignation, PEADO leaks which are question marks on PTI and its government.
He said Imran Khan claimed to make KP energy sufficient but his
government allocated only Rs. 6.298 billion for energy sector in previous budget, released Rs. 7.232 million and spent only Rs two million.
To a question Muqam said the Sharif family has made history by
presenting themselves for accountability and ensuring presence before all platforms, adding that hundreds of people hold off-shore companies, foreign property but only Sharif family is being held accountable.