KP Assembly witnesses uproar on derogatory remarks for woman MPA


PESHAWAR, May 2 (APP): The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Tuesday adjourned after uproar against derogatory remarks of PTI Minister for Health and Public Engineering, Shah Farman against PPP woman MPA Nighat Aurakzai.
Nighat Aurakzai on point of order had complaint that the women legislators and particularly those belonging to opposition were deprived of the discretionary funds which was sheer injustice with them.
She said that during previous governments such funds were being distributed equally amongst women and minority legislators.
Responding the question Minister for Health and Public Engineering Shah Farman told the house that the funds were being distributed on basis of area. He said that there were 99 provincial constituencies when he used these words Nighat Aurakzai became annoyed and stand in front of Speaker Desk as a protest.
The situation turned ugly when the provincial minister accused the opposition woman legislator for playing to press gallery to make her picture published in the media.
Other opposition women MPAs also joined her protest and gathered in front of the Speaker Dice and chanted slogans against the PTI led coalition government in KP. The protest infuriated the PTI minister to use the derogatory Pashto remarks “Tor Makhy” (Ugly Face) for Nighat Aurakzai.
Earlier, the women legislators of opposition entered the house
raising placards inscribes with different slogans against discrimination
in disbursement in development fund. The slogans inscribed on the
placards were included “Discrimination in disbursement of funds is not acceptable” and “Zalimo Jawab do Fund ka Hisab Do”.
During the question hour, Fakhre Azam Wazir of PPP said that PTI government was violating its own claims of justice with unequal distribution of funds.
He said that Rs.4.56 billion had been allocated only for Nowshera district while Rs 3.88 billion had been allocated for all seven southern districts of the province.
He continued that on one hand Rs16.52 billion had been allocated for nine districts but on the other hand they had allocated Rs.5.46 billion for 15 districts, which was a sheer injustice.
Mahmood Bettani of JUI claimed that funds have yet to released to
opposition MPAs while it was already disbursed amongst the treasury benches. He requested the chair for the acceptance of the question for detail debate.
Responding to the point of Betthani, Minister for Finance Muzaffar
Said, said that fund would be released by the end of the current financial year. Senior Minister for Local Government Inayat Ullah said that though
KP government was giving development fund to opposition legislators but the federal government is following no such tradition.
Raja Faisal Zaman of PML-N said that they were answerable to people
therefore they are demanding and asking for their right, but on the other hand the PTI members are not accepting funds from federal government,
but on the other hand they are punishing opposition in the province for their own deeds.
Later, the Deputy Speaker Meher Taj Roghani with the consent of the minister concerned admitted the question for detail debate and announced the adjournment of the proceedings of the house till Friday 3:00 P.M.