Kirmani foresees landslide victory for PML N in AJK elections


KOHALA, AJK, May 30 (APP): Special Assistant to Prime
Minister on Political Affairs Dr Syed Asif Kirmani on Monday
said the day was not far off when Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz will form its government in the state as prayers of Azad Kashmir people have been answered.

Addressing on the occasion of opening of PML N office at
Barsala, he said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s politics
was based on service to the masses.

He said that time has come to carry out accountability of
those who looted and plundered the resources of the state.
Urging the PML N activists to remain united, he said that
their enthusiasm was reflection of PML N landslide victory in
the upcoming elections. He said that credit for commitment and enthusiasm of party workers did go to MSF, Youth Wing and the party workers.

He said that during recent AJK Council elections PML N
opponents spent tens of millions of rupees for purchase of
votes and horse trading but PML N members remained committed and used their right of vote in a transparent manner while the “tanaga parties” got 14 votes.

Kirmani pledged that when PML N would come to power,
those who indulged in corruption, horse trading and tried
to defame democracy by damaging sanctity of vote, would be brought to book.

He said that Nawaz Sharif as Finance Minister and Chief
Minister of Punjab and prime minister of Pakistan always
served Pakistanis and Kashmiris.

He asked the Kashmiri masses to pray for early recovery
of Nawaz Sharif, who after return home, will visit Kashmir on
priority basis and take steps for resolution of their problems
as he and companions, always fulfill their promises.

The PM’s Special Assistant said that the PML N leaders
have come here to give the message of progress and development to the people of Azad Kashmir. He said that Kashmiri masses should not be afraid of the looters and plunderers as Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz was standing behind Kashmiri masses.

He said tat PML N government in AJK would be the government of the masses as its leader is an honest and upright person.

He said those who plundered Kashmir resources for five
years, would be taken to the task.

He said that like their forefathers who fought against
the Dogra rulers, Kashmiris will have to struggle for better
future of their children along with Nawaz Sharif as he will
bring progress and prosperity in the state.

PM Nawaz Sharif had highlighted the Kashmir issue at the
international level,he added.

He said that party tickets would be given after thorough
consultations by adopting policy of merit and it was responsibility of Kashmiris to vote for PML N which would change the destiny of the people of AJK.