Khursheed Shah to think hundred times before making statement about others


ISLAMABAD, May 22 (APP): Spokesperson to the Interior Minister has
said that Khursheed Shah should review his present and his past before making baseless, meaningless and indecent statements.
Responding to the statement of Khursheed Shah, he said that a person
who had to face National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for his deeds during his tenure in the government, who has a question mark on his rise from a utility worker to the federal minister, whose financial assets are part of NAB reference and who is a compromised Opposition leader of parliamentary history of the country should think hundred times before making such statements.
“ Unfortunately those whose own performance was nil are trying to raise their stature thorough unnecessarily criticizing the Interior Minister”.
He said that the entire nation knows the reason of this criticism on
Interior Minister by those remained involved in financial and administrative irregularities and had set records of poor performance.
The spokesperson said that such elements should review their own
performance before criticizing others which had not only created difficulties for Pakistan but their own party. He said neither facts can be distorted nor people can be deceived through uncalled
for criticism on Minister for Interior by those who had forgotten about their past and poor performance.