Kashmiris,Sikhs in New York slam Indian atrocities, demand freedom from it’s yoke


UNITED NATIONS, Jan 27 (APP): Kashmiris and Sikhs came together in New York on Thursday — India’s Republic Day — to denounce New Delhi’s brutalities in occupied Kashmir and Indian Punjab and demanded freedom from the Indian yoke at a joint demonstration near United Nations Headquarters.

Raising vociferous anti-India slogans and waving placards, a large number of members of the two communities turned up on a working day to observe the Indian event as “Black Day”.
“We Want Freedom From India”, “Wake Up, Wake Up– UN” and “India: Out of Kashmir” were some of the placards the protesters were holding.
Speakers at the rally strongly condemned the killing spree in the Indian occupied Kashmir, a U.N.-recognized disputed territory, and called on the world powers and the United Nations to use their influence on India to the stop the genocide, paving the way for the implementation of UN resolutions that envisage right of self-determination for the Kashmiri people. They also demanded self-determination for the oppressed Sikhs in the Indian Punjab.
A memorandum submitted to UN Secretary-General Antonio Geterres called for his help in resolving the issues of Kashmir and Khalistan.
Signed, among others, by Sardar Sawar Khan, a former member of Azad Kashmir Council and Sarabjit Singh, Chief Spokesman political and Media Adviser of Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar America Incorporated, the memorandum said, “(The ) Indian Government has betrayed most of its high-minded ideals in Indian occupied Kashmir and Khalistan that marked its entry into the family of nations after long years under the British raj: shocking human rights violations, including more than 100,000 killings in Kashmir since 1990, more than 8,000 in 1984 Sikh massacre alone, torture, rape, mutilations, arson, plunder, abductions, arbitrary detentions, and draconian punishment for the exercise of peaceful political dissent; rule by the bayonets in lieu of the ballot box; and, contempt for international law and binding self-determination resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.
“We also would like to stress that the Kashmir powder keg cannot be left to bilateral negotiations between India and Pakistan, a formula that has proven sterile for more than 70 years. A third party mediation is the only way to bring the parties together for a serious and sensible negotiations to resolve the conflict of Kashmir and Khalistan.
“Lastly, we would like to seek your understanding to urge India to allow the fact finding mission proposed by the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights on September 13, 2016 to have an impartial and neutral investigation of all allegations of the human rights in Occupied Kashmir.”