Karachi team arrives to take part in Bali Jee international Bridge


LAHORE, Mar 22 (APP)- The accomplished bridge players of Karachi
reached here on Wednesday to take part in the Bali jee Bridge
International Bridge Championship being played from tomorrow ,Thursday at the Lahore Gymkhana Card Room.
These players were welcomed by, sponsors of the event, Aijaz Ahmed of Yummy Milk Products who said that,”I greet you wholeheartedly to participate in this tournament and besides the competition enjoy the traditional hospitality of Lahore and feel why it is said that Lahore is Lahore”. Teams from India, Kuwait,Karachi,Rawalpindi,Islamabad,Hyderabad,Multan
Abbotabad and Lahore will play on the opening day and focus on the magic of the cards followed by display of their expertise. The teams number eight from Karachi,four from Rawalpindi/Islamabad,,twelve teams belong to Lahore and one team each will represent Multan,Hyderabad and Abottabad.Also participating are the ladies team who will match wits with the male participants.
From Karachi,there are going to be bridge masters like Khurshid
Hadi,Kamal Shoaib,A.R.Allana,Javed Miran,Rashid ul Ghazi and Imran Jhaka.As for the Lahori challengers ,the challenge will come from Ahsan Qureshi,Ghias Malik,Nauman Butt, Usaid,Mubashir Puri and Junaid Saeed.The prominent ones in the ladies category are Rubina Agha,Fatima Raza,Najm Abid,Shahnaz Peerzada,Goga Saeed,Fehmida,Gulshan and Tahira Nasir.
Tahira Nasir is the co host of the championship and stated that”the fairer segment is all prepared for getting decked up in their spring wardrobe and this will directly impact and add to the ambience and color of the championship” The formal opening will be by Aijaz Ahmed of Yummy at 9.45AM at the Gymkhana card room.