KARACHI, Feb. 13 (APP) : President, Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan on Monday said Pakistan would become one of the strongest economies of the world in future; seeing the pace of economic developments.
Addressing members of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the chamber, he said AJK government had instigated many development and social projects. Some of these were part of  CPEC. He was accompanied by PML-N Senator Saleem Zia.
AJK government was also taking steps to improve the quality of education and health facilities along with expanding these facilities to far-flung areas.
About the law and order situation in AJK, he said it was very peaceful area where not a single terrorist incident had taken place. The crime rate is the lowest there. People belonging to different religions and sects lived in complete peace and harmony across Kashmir.
He urged the trade and industrial community of Karachi to explore the abundant economic opportunities in AJK mainly in mineral sector.
He also advised the business community of Karachi to benefit from the construction of hydropower projects in Kashmir as these project would definitely require lots of outsourcing.
On this occasion, AJK President expressed his deep concern over the on-going India atrocities against innocent Kashimiris including unprovoked firing on AJK and Pakistani areas.
Earlier, President KCCI Shamim Ahmed Firpo spoke of KCCI role and potential for promoting trade and industry.