Kalash exhibition in full swing in federal capital


ISLAMABAD, Oct 1 (APP): A five-day exhibition focusing on the population of the Kalash in Chitral is in full swing here at a local hotel.

The exhibition was arranged by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Pakistan in collaboration with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Islamabad and Satrang Art Gallery (SAT).

The aim of the exhibition was to raise awareness about the the Kalash people.

The exhibition would continue till October 2, aimed at the importance of safeguarding the unique culture of Kalash through showcasing photographs from Georg Morgenstierne’s, field work in Chitral in 1929.

The culture of the Kalash people is unique. The Kalash valleys is made up of two distinct cultural areas, the valleys of Rumbur and Brumbret forming one and Birir valley the other;
Birir valley being the more traditional of the two.

Kalash mythology and folklore has been compared to that of ancient Greece. Kalash have fascinated anthropologists due to their unique culture.